National Puzzle Day

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National Puzzle Day is a specific day to work on our brains. We solve puzzles, do brain exercises, and improve our brain power. You can solve many problems and improve your thinking ability and problem-solving skills. Scientists have discovered that puzzles utilize both sides of our brains and improve our cognitive function and memory.

National Puzzle Day

What is National Puzzle Day?

National puzzle day is a day of puzzles when you can solve many puzzles and improve your brain power. You can solve a word search, jigsaw, Sudoku puzzle, brain teaser, and crosswords and improve skills like:

  •     Reasoning and logic
  •     Cognitive function
  •     Problem-solving skills
  •     Critical thinking
  •     Memory 
  •     Numeracy and vocabulary 

Puzzles positively influence our minds, and National Puzzle Day gives us a reason to work on our brains and improve their performance. 

The History of National Puzzle Day 

National Puzzle Day has been celebrated since 2002. Jodi Jill is behind this celebration, and she created this day to share her passion for puzzles and enable people to understand the impact of puzzles on the human brain.

Jodi Jill is a professional quiz maker and syndicated newspaper puzzle maker. Her passion motivated her to create a day when all can engage their minds and solve puzzles.

The popularity of National Puzzle Day is increasing every year.

When is National Puzzle Day? 

January 29 is National Puzzle Day, specified for doing brain exercises by working on different puzzles.

National Puzzle Day Dates

This year National Puzzle Day is celebrated on Monday, Jan 29, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Jan 29 Monday
2025 Jan 29 Wednesday
2026 Jan 29 Thursday
2027 Jan 29 Friday
2028 Jan 29 Saturday
2029 Jan 29 Monday

How is National Puzzle Day Celebrated?

You do not need any specific preparation to celebrate this day. It is simple since you only need to solve puzzles. You can solve many puzzles instead of restricting yourself to the jigsaw. You can also invite others and enjoy group activities. You can post your puzzles on social media platforms and motivate others to celebrate this day and have some brain exercise. 

You can practice your favorite puzzles and try new ones. It is better to explore as many as possible if you want to engage all your brain parts. 

It can be hard to find a great puzzle so we have made a list of the best puzzle games that yo can play right now.

Why We Love National Puzzle Day

We love National Puzzle Day because it helps us work on our brains. We do physical activities and exercises to stay fit. However, we ignore our mental health. Puzzles can help all age groups to improve the functionality of their brains. Puzzles can help the elderly to minimize the risk of memory loss and promote cognitive growth in kids. That is why every age group loves National Puzzle Day and ensures active participation.

National Puzzle Day FAQs

Why should we participate in National Puzzle Day?

We should participate in National Puzzle Day to improve our brain power and minimize the risk of memory loss and similar conditions. Since there are different types of puzzles, everyone will have a few options to improve their brain power.

What types of puzzles are the best for the brain?

You can solve your favorite puzzles. However, you can explore more to engage all the parts of your brain and get more benefits.

What types of puzzles are there?

There are many types of puzzles, including jigsaw puzzles, Sudoku puzzles, crosswords, brain teasers, and word searches.

What are the hardest type of puzzle?

Every type of puzzle possesses different levels of difficulty. In general the hardest type of puzzles to solve are the crosswords. They can be very challenging (frustrating 🙂 ) and take a lot of time to solve. If you like crosswords you can also celebrate Crossword Puzzle Day on December 21.

Is puzzle a hobby?

Yes, puzzle solving is a hobby for many people. It can be a way to relax, improve concentration, and stimulate the brain. We have writen a entire article about article about puzzles as a hobby.


National Puzzle Day enables us to engage our brains in fun and relaxing activities and improve their functionality. Everyone should participate and explore the world of puzzles to improve memory, problem-solving skills, logistics, and similar brain functionalities.


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