National Sandwich Day

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Sandwichs are one of the most famous and interesting foods that exist because they are capable of saving a lot of time thanks to their simple preparation! You just have to fill them with whatever you like the most and then you will be ready to go, simple, tasty, and efficient. The popularity of sandwiches is undeniable, to the point that it even counts with its own National Sandwich Day!

National Sandwich Day

What is National Sandwich Day?

In simple words, National Sandwich Day is a special day to pay tribute to both the sandwich (one of the most popular lunches in the world) and to its creator John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, who supposedly is the creator of the first-ever sandwich, making it a popular individual for years to come and mostly in these actual days as this food is extremely important to students, professionals and all thanks to its simple yet effective composition which consists mainly of two slices of bread filled with whatever you like, but most commonly is ham, cheese, lettuce tomatoes, and some sauces.

The History of National Sandwich Day:

Even if you feel convinced of what was written before about John Montagu, it’s sad to say that obviously, he wasn’t the creator of the sandwich as he was someone who only performed gambling most of his days, and he relied on his personal cook to prepare him something that was easy to eat and that didn’t intervene with his gambling streak, and thus sandwich arrived at this hand. But the first sandwiches where originated by the hand of Greeks and Turks. So this National Day is mostly about paying tribute to the sandwichs themselves, not to Montague, which is something that is commonly confused even in these actual days.

When is National Sandwich Day?

Every single year on November 3, National Sandwich Day is celebrated, and this day is one of the most popular holidays related to food that exists due to the popularity of the food by itself, which means that there are many ways of celebrating it with friends and family members who don’t know about the existence of this day!

How is National Sandwich Day Celebrated?

The way in which this day is celebrated is kind of simple yet effective since you just have to make sure to enjoy sandwiches during the day and to do so you can prepare them by yourself to share them with family members and friends that don’t know about this day! Also, another way in which you can celebrate this day is by visiting the delis of your zone and enjoying their special sandwiches, in that way, you will be able to eat something out of this world without any doubt! In the next years, you can develop your sandwich-making skills to the point that you won’t require to buy them on the street anymore.

Why we Love National Sandwich Day?

The reason why this day is so loved among the community of sandwich lovers is because it’s a perfect day to keep enjoying these magnificent lunches who have saved our lives in most that one situation when we didn’t have enough time or resources to prepare other time-demanding food. Also, you can find some of the greatest ever sandwiches at discounts and deals in the delis of your zone.


National Sandwich Day is the perfect excuse to gift your friends or family members some of your delicious sandwichs or even better, to take them out of a journey to your nearest and most special deli to enjoy a great day, also, some of the most popular brands and companies that are related to the making of sandwiches materials, always post some good tips and information related to these lunches.


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