National Scavenger Hunt Day

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A Scavenger Hunt is a game where the participants have a list to accomplish. The purpose is to find the items instructed in the shortest possible time. The things collected should not be acquired by purchasing but must be found. This game can be done individually or in small teams. It is a popular game to be organized for children. As it helps them to develop analytical and problem-solving skills. Adults also enjoy this activity as it is fun and interesting. Due to its wide acceptance, National Scavenger Hunt Day was named an official holiday.

Scavenge hunt day

What is National Scavenger Hunt Day?

National Scavenger Hunt Day is an annual observance of the well-loved scavenger hunt game. It is a time when people of all ages will firmly hold on to their lists. The contents have a series of clues that will give a hint of what item should be found. This game can be done in both indoor, for example in school, or outdoor settings like backyards or parks. The items that are required could have a centralized theme or just random things. This event will bring out the resourcefulness of people and promote the value of teamwork.

The History of the National Scavenger Hunt

The origin of the first scavenger hunt is yet to be determined. But the popularity of this game is credited to Elsa Maxwell. She is an American author, actress, songwriter, screenwriter, and radio personality who is well-known in the 1930s. She has a reputation for organizing the finest and most fun parties. The rules often used in modern scavenger hunt games are mostly inspired by her early events.

When is National Scavenger Hunt Day?

National Scavenger Hunt Day is observed every 24th of May. The weather during this month is very ideal for scavenger hunting. Since people can freely move in the outdoors, the games will be more fun. Resourcefulness, wit, and agility are tested once the event begins.

How is National Scavenger Hunt Day Celebrated?

National Scavenger Hunt Day is celebrated first by organizing an interesting list of items to be found. To make it more fun, instead of directly giving the exact item name, riddles and clues can be formulated to challenge the player’s analytical and problem-solving skills.

Then organize teams that will complement each other’s strengths or just simply randomly group the participants together. The more unpredictable the situation, the more interesting and fun it will be. It will pump up everyone’s energy and competitiveness.

Lastly, choose a venue to conduct the games. Make sure it is safe and has enough room to hide the things that need to be found. If you want to introduce bartering in the game, strategically place posts where it can be done.

Why We Love National Scavenger Hunt Day?

National Scavenger Hunt Day is loved because it is fun-filled and very educational. It is a great game to practice social skills and explore the extent of your wit. It can test people on how to handle stress and pressure in a given fixed amount of time.


Victory is always sweetest when it is earned through hard work. This is the fulfillment National Scavenger Hunt Day gives. So whether you win in a group or individual game, the rise to the top is a memorable experience worth keeping.


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