National Sticker Day

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For over a century, stickers have been used to label and advertise goods and wares. It wasn’t until the early 1900s, that Ray Stanton Avery created the stickers that we know – those that have a self-adhesive back. And it’s his birthday we celebrate the holiday on and thanks to his invention that we are able to celebrate at all.

Every year, there are more stickers to add to the collection and thus more reasons to celebrate. From bumper stickers to sticker books to silly stickers, everyone has a reason to celebrate this little known holiday.

What Is National Sticker Day?

National Sticker Day celebrates the many different ways stickers are used and enjoyed by everyone. Whether you’re grading a paper or brightening up an art project, a sticker (or five) is the way to go.

They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, designs and colors. They can be silly, romantic, or simple and elegant. No matter what the message, there’s a set of stickers ready to help you get it across.

They’re even big enough to put on your car (bumper stickers) to let everyone around you know something about you, your driving, or your political leanings. National Sticker Day celebrates these many different uses of stickers. They help convey so many different messages, brighten up any day, card, or paper and are a gift sure to satisfy everyone on your list. What isn’t to celebrate about them?

When Is National Sticker Day?

National Sticker Day is celebrated on January 13th of every year. Next year (2023), it will be on a Friday, so mark your calendar and prepare for a weekend full of crafts and happiness. Every year after that, you’ll be prepared to start the year off with a good supply of stickers.

National Sticker Day Dates

This year National Sticker Day is celebrated on Saturday, Jan 13, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Jan 13 Saturday
2025 Jan 13 Monday
2026 Jan 13 Tuesday
2027 Jan 13 Wednesday
2028 Jan 13 Thursday
2029 Jan 13 Saturday

How Is National Sticker Day Celebrated?

You can celebrate stickers in as many different ways as there are stickers!

Spend time working on your scrapbooks, add extra stickers to all your letters and cards or work on a sticker book are all good ways to celebrate stickers!

Or you could use the holiday as an excuse to buy more stickers, because one can never have too many stickers. While you’re out, give all your friends and families some stickers.

Feeling extra crafty? You can even make your own stickers to celebrate these sticky craft products. Get organized! Use label stickers around your home to make sure everything is in its spot for the upcoming year.

It’s the beginning of the year so it’s also the perfect time to get your calendar and organizer on point; with sticker reminders for important days, deadlines and appointments. Then, when you reach those points and accomplish goals, there’s another bigger sticker waiting to help you celebrate that accomplishment!


National Sticker Day is a holiday in early January meant to celebrate stickers in their many forms and functions. These small, versatile bits of happiness deserve an entire day to themselves no matter how you choose to celebrate it.


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