National Trivia Day

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National Trivia Day celebrates the trivial and inconsequential things we know and remember to tell others about but otherwise would not be noteworthy enough for celebration. National Trivia Day is an official holiday celebrated on January 4. Robert L. Birch first created national Trivia Day in the 1960s. National Trivia Day has been growing in popularity over the years.

National Trivia Day is a holiday that celebrates the fun of trivia and general knowledge. The day is marked by various events and competitions at schools, pubs, and other venues around the country. More businesses sell trivia games, bars having specials for National Trivia Night, high school teams hosting National Trivia Competitions, and individuals buying National Trivia Day cards. National Trivia Day is a fun, educational day that everyone should celebrate.

What is National Trivia Day?

National Trivia Day is a day where people worldwide come together to celebrate their knowledge and love of trivia. It allows people from all walks of life to come together and show off their smarts. National Trivia Day is also a great way to bring friends and family together, as everyone can compete in trivia games and contests.

National Trivia Day is a day of celebration for those who love to show off their knowledge on the obscure and trivial. National Trivia Day has been celebrated for decades ago, but some people believe that National Trivia Day dates back as far as the 1800s! It’s not hard to see why this would be an important event: National Trivia Day celebrates everyone with a passion for knowledge.

When is National Trivia Day?

Celebrated on January 4 every year, National Trivia Day honors those trivial things we remember to tell others about but would otherwise not be memorable if National Trivia Day did not exist.

National Trivia Day Dates

This year National Trivia Day is celebrated on Thursday, Jan 04, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Jan 04 Thursday
2025 Jan 04 Saturday
2026 Jan 04 Sunday
2027 Jan 04 Monday
2028 Jan 04 Tuesday
2029 Jan 04 Thursday

How is National Trivia Day Celebrated?

National Trivia Day can be celebrated in many ways, from hosting your own National Trivia Quiz or watching an old favorite movie to playing games with friends on social media. People inherently memorialize National Trivia Day by hosting trivia contests at home, work, or school.

National Trivia Day is typically celebrated by hosting trivia contests at pubs, restaurants, and other gathering places. Some people also celebrate National Trivia Day by watching trivia games shows or reading trivia questions online. You can also find trivia nights at local bars and restaurants. If you’re looking for a more low-key celebration, you can always watch some of your favorite trivia shows on TV.


National Trivia Day is celebrated every year on January 4. It is a day where people all around the United States come together to test their knowledge and compete in trivia contests. There are many different ways to celebrate National Trivia Day, but most people like to gather with friends or family and have a trivia contest.

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend National Trivia Day this year, why not try gathering some friends together for your trivia contest? You can use our quiz questions as a starting point or find questions online. No matter how you choose to celebrate National Trivia Day, make sure to have lots of fun!


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