National Unicorn Day

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  • What is National Unicorn Day?
  • When do we celebrate National Unicorn Day?
  • Why and how do we celebrate National Unicorn Day?
National unicorn day

What is National Unicorn Day?

National unicorn day is a day each year that celebrates that wonderful mythical creature which is a unicorn.

National unicorn day was started 2015 and occurs annually on April 9th. It was created as a fun day for kids but adults love to embrace it too! It’s meant to bring out a smile.

As Unicorns are so popular – appearing in films, books, history and art, it feels right that they have been given their own special day. If you want to learn more about unicorns you can check out our full guide to unicorns.

It is unknown who the founder was but it is a wonderful concept to take the time to celebrate the magic and happiness that unicorns create.

Why do we Celebrate National Unicorn Day?

This is a day when anyone who loves unicorns can join together in a day of fun, glitter and sprinkles. Unicorns are loved by not just children – the fascination with them ranges across every age group. Seen as beautiful, magical creatures they are recognised as a symbol of happiness. National unicorn day is everyone’s chance to join in with a day of joy.

How to Celebrate National Unicorn Day?

National unicorn day is meant to be a fun, happy day which everyone can join in with. Baking and cooking is a great way to celebrate! Rainbow coloured cakes and cookies can be baked in unicorn shapes and finished off with sprinkles. You can even create unicorn noodles! Boil up some red cabbage, add rice noodles into the blue water and then add some lemon juice and watch sections turn pink!

Another fun activity is to have a binge watch of unicorn films. A few ideas are the Harry Potter series; The Unicorn; and I believe in Unicorns.

You can also be inspired to draw and paint pictures and then post them on social media with others celebrating!

For those who love reading today is an excellent day to check out some unicorn stories – The Unicorn Quest, and The Last Unicorn to name just a couple.

Dressing up is a great fun thing for kids to do. Although unicorns are often shown as white, they can actually be any color from red, pink or even jet black. Anything rainbow coloured and sparkly – tea-shirts, onesies and head bands are popular (for adults too!). You can even get costumes for your dog – really cute.

This is also the day for kids to have fun with the face paints and glitter. You can even get cool warrior Unicorn stickers/tattoos for those who aren’t keen on too many sparkles. There’s also some great hair glitter products to add a really unicorn colourful touch.


Throughout history the unicorn has enchanted and enthralled. National unicorn day is a tribute to all the feelings that unicorns bring out in us. However old we are, we all need a bit of magic in our lives. A day where we can embrace the symbols of these amazing creatures – those of love, joy and happiness. National Unicorn Day is a great way to keep us smiling!

🦄 Happy national unicorn day!