National Video Games Day

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Every year, on the anniversary of the day the first-ever video game was created, we celebrate National Video Games Day. The celebration is a time to reflect on all that video games have given us and think about how they will continue to shape our world.

In this blog post, we’ll be going over everything you need to know about National Video Games Day. From the history of the event and what it means for gamers today to amazing facts and interesting stories worldwide, here’s your chance to catch up on all things video games.

Videogames Day

What is National Video Games Day?

National Video Games Day is a holiday that was originally called National

Day of Play. It was created by the United States President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports in 1983. The day was created to have a little fun with video games by playing more games for an hour or two at least one time that day. Over the years, it has been called different names, but it remains a day of play for all of us.

The History of National Video Games Day

In 1985, Nintendo of America chose to commemorate the success of video games in Japan by declaring an occasion to celebrate this milestone in American history.

Some say the name is a nod because it’s a day with no school and plenty of time for gaming. Others say it’s because Nintendo was founded on September 23rd, 1889, so there would be a 365-day interval before September 23rd.

Whatever the case may be, Nintendo of America wanted to commemorate this occasion with a time for us to reflect on how much video games mean to us and how much they’ve changed our lives. Since then, companies have been celebrating National Video Games Day annually with giveaways and discounts.

When is National Video Games Day?

National Video Games Day is on October 18th. This date has been celebrated since 1985 when Nintendo of America chose to mark this day for the history of video games in the United States.

How is National Video Games Day Celebrated?

There are many ways you can celebrate National Video Games Day. Some people like to go out and play some of their favorite games in the world. Others might host a party for all their friends or just play video games with their family.

You don’t need to do anything too extravagant to celebrate National Video Games Day; just do what you enjoy doing most.

There are many reasons why so many people love this day. It’s the one day when we can be kids again and have fun while playing our favorite video game.

Why We Love National Video Games Day

1. Children of the 80s may remember an NES cartridge with President’s Day on it.

2. Many games have been made to commemorate National Video Games Day.

3. Nintendo likely didn’t anticipate how popular video games would become when they first introduced them in America.

4. The first game created for this occasion was Mario Bros, which we now know as Super Mario Bros.


National Video Games Day is all about celebrating the past, present, and future of video games. This is an opportunity to share the history of video games with friends and family, play video games with friends and family, or even design your own video game. If you haven’t heard of National Video Games Day, then now is the day to learn about what it is and why we love this holiday.


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