National Wildlife Day

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Are you an advocate of causes for nature? Creatures like animals, especially the endangered ones, touch your heart? Would you want to get to know more about them? If all the answers are yes, then you better put a mark on your calendar. National Wildlife Day is annually celebrated in September. Environmentalists and nature lovers must not miss this date. It is a must they share their cause with the world on this awesome day.

National Wildlife Day

What is National Wildlife Day?

There are thousands of endangered species all over the world. It is a holiday that aims to give these creatures a voice. As fellow inhabiters of the earth, they deserve to have a proper home be treated with dignity. Mistreatment, ecological balance, and excessive hunting are some of the topics discussed during this period.

The History of National Wildlife Day

This holiday has a long history. Wildlife awareness efforts began on March 1, 1872, when Yellowstone National Park was founded. Then on September 27, 1962, through a documentary, the truth behind pesticides and their effect on the environment began to emerge. Then under President Nixon, the Endangered Species Act was passed on December 28, 1973. This is meant to protect creatures who are facing extinction. Then in 2006, in honor of “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin, the date was set on September 4.

When is National Wildlife Day?

National Wildlife Day is observed every September 4 of the year. It is a holiday created by Colleen Paige. It is in memory and honor of Steve Irwin. Irwin is a strong advocate of wildlife preservation. He has done a lot of efforts to promote awareness to conserve the environment. Until his demise on September 4, 2006, Irwin’s love and enthusiasm for nature and wildlife never faltered.

National Wildlife Day Dates

This year National Wildlife Day is celebrated on Wednesday, Sep 04, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Sep 04 Wednesday
2025 Sep 04 Thursday
2026 Sep 04 Friday
2027 Sep 04 Saturday
2028 Sep 04 Monday
2029 Sep 04 Tuesday

How is National Wildlife Day Celebrated?

There are lots of ways to celebrate National Wildlife Day. First, you and your family can visit the local zoo. It is a great chance to know and get familiar with animals. Take the time to explore and learn more about them. Discover how animals and people can coexist in the world.

If you are more of the athletic type, then together with friends plan a hike. Enjoy the fresh air and great outdoors as you trek roads you have not walked before. Feast your eyes on the beauty of nature that surrounds you. It is a great time to learn more about the environment and how to preserve it.

So you are on a budget and cannot afford entrance fees and long trips. Then go to the nearest local park and have a picnic. While you are at it, take this as a chance to do some bird watching.

Why We Love National Wildlife Day

National Wildlife Day is a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Most of the time people spend their time studying, working, and even resting indoors. This event is a breath of fresh air and a good reason to go out.


National Wildlife Day is a symbol that the world seeks balance between humans and nature. It is important to uphold so the quality of life is always at its best. Since the wildlife and people both need each other to coexist and survive.


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