New Year’s Eve

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It’s the last day of one year and you’re looking back at everything that’s happened. Relationships that have ended and began. Things you’ve learned, experiences you wished you’ve never had and ones you’ll cherish forever. The next year looms over you with its unanswered questions, hopes, and dreams. It may be something you face with trepidation but also anticipation.

It’s a threshold between the new and the old, a chance to make good mistakes and seize new opportunities. New Year’s Eve is the perfect day for contemplation and mending old wrongs. It’s also a time of hope and looking into the future.

What is New Year’s Eve?

Also known as Old Year’s Day and Saint Sylvester’s Day, New Year’s Eve is a celebration of the end of many things and the beginning of many more. This is the holiday especially designed for reflection and hope. On the edge of one year and about to enter another, this is the perfect opportunity to reflect on the past year and put to rest any pain or conflict. It’s also a place to look forward towards what this next year will hold, all the hopes and dreams that are there for the taking.

The History of New Year’s Eve

Although people have been celebrating the beginning of a new year for centuries, it wasn’t until the advent of the Georgian calendar in 1582 that a set day was established. The United States has been celebrating New Year’s Eve with traditions that began in 1907 with the drop of the ball in Time’s Square.

When is New Year’s Eve?

New Year’s Eve is on December 31, the last day of every year. Although New Year’s Day (January 1st) is the official holiday, most of the celebrations begin on New Year’s Eve and continue into the small hours of New Year’s Day.

New Year’s Eve Dates

This year New Year’s Eve is celebrated on Sunday, Dec 31, 2023

Year Date Day
2023 Dec 31 Sunday
2024 Dec 31 Tuesday
2025 Dec 31 Wednesday
2026 Dec 31 Thursday
2027 Dec 31 Friday
2028 Dec 31 Sunday

How is New Year’s Eve Celebrated

Around the world, New Year’s Eve is celebrated with dancing, vigils, parties, and drinking. In the United States, staying out until midnight or later is traditional. People party, drink, and celebrate the past year and coming opportunities. It’s also traditional to mend old wrongs and goals for self-improvement in the coming year. Perhaps the most meaningful part of celebrating New Year’s Eve is being able to end one year and begin another one with a loved one by your side.

Why We Love New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to reset. You have the opportunity to reflect on things past and close a chapter in your life while looking forward to all the wonderful things still to come. We are reminded of good times and good friends. We can be excited for the coming accomplishes as well as the coming challenges and know that no matter what, it’s our friends that will be with us through it all.


New Year’s Eve is the last day of a year, the perfect time to celebrate the ending of many things and the beginnings of even more. Whether you go out with friends or attend a vigil, this is the perfect holiday to begin again.


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