Opposite Day

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Who remembers that episode of SpongeBob Squarepants where he celebrates an opposite day by being Squidward? To Spongee’s surprise, humans above the surface of the ocean also celebrate Opposite Day. And when I say humans, I don’t just mean kids, adults also love to celebrate this day because of the fun and adventure it offers. In this guide, you’ll get to know all about the day, so stick till the end.

What is Opposite Day?

Opposite Day is celebrated to give people an idea of what their lives would look like if they were opposite of their character. It is celebrated so that people can be more understanding of their behaviors, blessings, and everyday routine.

It is widely enjoyed by children in schools since they get to enjoy activities but for adults who take it seriously, it can be a great time pleaser as well as a way to do self-analysis. Apart from that, it can be done to experience things that you avoid in normal life like playing video games and listening to a particular genre of music.

When is Opposite Day?

Opposite Day is celebrated annually on January 25th worldwide. This event is not marked significantly in calendars but schools tend to focus on celebrating it. The reason is that it helps children to focus on their behaviors if they need to change them. Plus, it’s a super fun activity to change the mood and explore a bit.

Opposite day is not to be confused with the national backward day that is celebrated later in the month.

Opposite Day Dates

This year Opposite Day is celebrated on Thursday, Jan 25, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Jan 25 Thursday
2025 Jan 25 Saturday
2026 Jan 25 Sunday
2027 Jan 25 Monday
2028 Jan 25 Tuesday
2029 Jan 25 Thursday

How is Opposite Day Celebrated?

Doing everything and anything that you don’t do daily. The opposite day is considered fun because you get to explore new activities. If you don’t like putting your hair down, you do it on this day and you might like it for a change. And so is the deal with swapping habits for a day, like smiling more or talking less. Basically, you pretend to be the opposite of what you are, just like our old friend SpongeBob did.

You could try the same with your daily routine. For example, if you’re a very lazy person who stays up all night listening to music and wakes up late with the first thing to do is surf social media, then on the opposite day, you do it in reverse. You wake up early, do other things instead of grabbing your phone, spend the whole day oppositely and then sleep early.


There are very few people who know about this amusing day and how it is celebrated. And those who already know don’t want to celebrate it. Now that you know about it, you should try to celebrate it at least once and you won’t be disappointed. Just imagine how much you’ll get to explore about others and yourself. And the fun that would come with it, especially if you’re celebrating it with friends and family.

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