Paperclip Day

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Part of living is basically enjoying as many occasions as possible and celebrating them to the fullest. This is an important aspect of living since you remember about that day and feel happy about it. When we remember a special occasion, we are essentially putting a mental bookmark on that specific event, making it easier to recall in the future.

Paperclip Day

Most occasions we celebrate are well-known, but have you ever wondered what if a little piece of metal commonly found in offices and schools should have its own holiday? It may sound weird, but yes, that small piece of metal called the “Paper clip” has its own commemorative day.

What is Paperclip Day?

Paperclip Day is one of the lesser known commemorative or celebratory days that celebrates the internationally recognized metal wire that keeps our papers organized and together. We also celebrate the fun and creative hacks we were able to do while bored with this iconic metal wire. Again, it may sound weird at first, but even the paperclip has its own special day of honor. This does do paperclips some justice, since even though paperclips are one of the most forgettable items in the office or school, it is just that there is a whole day to honor that simple, but very useful and iconic item out there.

The History of Paperclip Day

Being that the paperclip is one of the most iconic items used in the office, there is some dispute as to who really invented or designed the first paperclip. The first patent for that “wire paper clip” was awarded to Samuel B. Fay of the United States in 1867. Fun fact: the paper clip was actually designed to attach tickets to fabrics, though the patent stated that it could attach papers together for organization. Further adding to the dispute, 50 more people were awarded with patents for similar designs but some speculate that the paperclip that we currently use to this day was designed by Johan Vaaler from Norway. For such a small piece of wire, you can really say that it holds some amount of good controversy! The paper clip also had its fair share in the history of WW2, serving as a non-violent symbol of resistance. National Paperclip Day is then celebrated, which started back in 2015.

When is Paperclip Day?

With the paperclip’s vastness and importance in history, National Paperclip day is then celebrated annually on May 29. So you better ready to get your papers organized and get your creativeness flowing! Every May 29 is when we explore the less known history and other uses of the average paperclip.

Paperclip Day Dates

This year Paperclip Day is celebrated on Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 May 29 Wednesday
2025 May 29 Thursday
2026 May 29 Friday
2027 May 29 Saturday
2028 May 29 Monday
2029 May 29 Tuesday

How is Paperclip Day Celebrated?

We all know that the paperclip has endless uses besides holding a couple of papers together, bored and creative people know this intensively. National paperclip day may sound confusing especially on how people would celebrate it, but here are some few examples on how we can make use of this “special” day

Watch the film “Paper Clips”

One of the most interesting films as this documentary follows the story of the “Paper Clips Project” where the main goal of the project of middle school in Tennessee was to raise awareness about the 6 million lives lost during the Holocaust by calling 6 million paper clips to represent the numbers. This docufilm was released by 2004.

Be creative and create something different and special!

Remember that there is no specific way on how you celebrate paperclip day, but to make the most out of it, you may want to discover how much you can do with it besides plainly binding pieces of paper together. Paperclips come on different colors, shapes, and sizes, so you better get your creative side flowing and create some art or abstracts using paperclips. Some people even made keychains, fish hooks, and even decorations with these little metal things. Again, get your groove out and make some creative DIY inventions with them!

Why we Love Paperclip Day

Paperclip day reminds us to celebrate the little things. These small objects may seem irrelevant to our daily lives, but we would be stressed every single time if they didn’t exist. Another aspect of why we love it is that it holds a small piece of historical importance. It served as a symbol against oppression during WW2. It served as a symbol for unity, it is used to bind things together, so it is just right to use it as a symbol for togetherness and camaraderie.


Your desk in school or in the office will NEVER be complete without a box of these paperclips. You cannot have enough of them either. As weird as it may sound, it somehow makes sense that we have a day to commemorate this little piece of curved metal wire. This day is also a chance where we can provide knowledge and also learn a little bit about the paperclip’s history, especially that it also served as a country’s symbol of unity against a force of oppression.


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