Pretend To Be a Time Traveler Day

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Pretend To Be a Time Traveller Day sounds like the perfect holiday for Dr. Who fans, but the truth is we are fascinated by the concept of being able to travel through time. Stories about time travel have fascinated the American public from the early 20th century with H.G. Well’s book The Time Machine up through episodes in both The Twilight Zone and Star Trek and more recently to yet another reboot of Dr. Who.

time traveller day

Whether we’re going forward or backward in time, time travel has always captured our imagination and this day is meant to celebrate that fascination, our imaginations, and the very possibility of time travel.

What is Pretend To Be a Time Traveller Day

This holiday is the perfect chance to exercise your imagination and have a little fun. Whether you’re celebrating with a group of friends or going solo, this is your chance to live out your favorite time travelling story. Celebrate a concept that’s captured the imagination of millions. Time travel is a global concept that goes back centuries. It’s a timeless ploy and deserves to be celebrated. If you’ve ever wanted to travel back in time to find out who really assassinated JFK or forward in time to be around for the invention of warp drive, this is the holiday for you.

The History of Pretend to Be a Time Traveller Day

People have been fascinated by the concept of time travel for centuries, but it wasn’t until the last decade or so that we had a day set aside to celebrate it. The holiday was officially created in 2007 by an online community known as Koala Wallop.

When is Pretend To Be A Time Traveller Day?

Pretend To Be a Time Traveller Day is celebrated every year in the beginning of December just as the holiday season is really kicking off. December 8th is the day; the year is up to you.

Pretend To Be a Time Traveler Day Dates

This year Pretend To Be a Time Traveler Day is celebrated on Sunday, Dec 08, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Dec 08 Sunday
2025 Dec 08 Monday
2026 Dec 08 Tuesday
2027 Dec 08 Wednesday
2028 Dec 08 Friday
2029 Dec 08 Saturday

How is Pretend To Be a Time Traveller Day Celebrated?

Celebrate the holiday by pretending to be from a different era while pretending like you are also trying to blend in with the current era. If you’re coming from the future, things like cars and cell phone could seem archaic or quaint to you while concepts of things like clean air or being able to live above ground may seem like legends. If you’re coming from the past, choose your decade or century and dress accordingly. Commonly used technology should be reacted to with distrust if not outright fear.

Why We Love the Holiday

This is the day everyone gets to indulge in a fantasy, play out a dream and have fun all at the same time. What isn’t there to love about this holiday?


Pretend To Be a Time Traveller Day is the holiday to set aside a concept that’s captured people’s imagination for centuries. The official holiday is much younger, but more people embrace it every year. This is a truly a day to be creative, use your imagination and have fun.


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