Science Fiction Day

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Science Fiction Day is an annual day celebrated on January 2. On this day, film festivals, conventions, and other events are held to promote science fiction in all its forms.

What Is Science Fiction Day?

This day is observed to celebrate and promote everything in the sci-fi genre. The day is not tied to specific events, and is celebrated around the world by fans of science fiction literature, television shows, and film.

When Is Science Fiction Day Celebrated?

The choice of January 2 for National Science Fiction Day is not coincidental. January 2 is also the birth date for Isaac Asimov, a extremely productive and popular science fiction writer.

Science Fiction Day Dates

This year Science Fiction Day is celebrated on Tuesday, Jan 02, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Jan 02 Tuesday
2025 Jan 02 Thursday
2026 Jan 02 Friday
2027 Jan 02 Saturday
2028 Jan 02 Sunday
2029 Jan 02 Tuesday

How is Science Fiction Day Celebrated?

Science Fiction Day is celebrated through many different means: film festivals, conventions, and other events are held with the central goal of promoting science fiction in all its forms.

Although it is not an official holiday recognized by any government institution, numerous non-profit organizations hold public celebrations on this day. In some countries, these public celebrations may involve thousands of people attending gatherings at various locations such as museums dedicated to science fiction or cinemas showing movies from this genre. Many TV channels also host marathons of sci-fi movies over this day to help promote it.

Since 1988, Science Fiction Day has been celebrated worldwide, including Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, France, Italy, Japan, etc. People celebrate this holiday varies from person to person; some watch science-fiction movies or documentaries (or both), others read popular science fiction books, and others roleplay in a sci-fi setting. Fans of the genre understand that these works are more than just fiction; they work to expand our horizons and make us think about where humanity is headed.


Science Fiction Day has been celebrated through various events, including film festivals and conventions worldwide on Jan 2. These events include a variety of celebrations involving all aspects of science fiction to commemorate this event each year. Although not an official holiday recognized by any government institution or international body, numerous non-profit organizations hold these types of events for this particular day. As a result, thousands of people from different countries participate in festivities meant to promote science fiction literature and media for all their forms and purposes.

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