Space Day

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There are many events to celebrate. One day is called Space Day. It’s a day to learn about science and technology. Outer space has a lot to teach people, there is a lot to learn about space day. The day starts on the first day in May. Many events are held as a way to take part in space related activities in the form of watching 3d images and more. People like students can gather information about space from experts. Students can use the information to pursue education to apply their space knowledge for the good.

Space Day

What Is Space Day?

Space day is a fun, educational holiday. It’s a day to encourage people to go further than only learning about space. The day is to open people up to the fact that they can get an education in the field. The day was created so that the pursuit of knowledge is made possible. On this day, you can take part in activities and have many space lessons provided. People can take part in this event with friends and family. It is a good day to bring your own telescopes and space items so that the day can be more enjoyable.

The History of Space Day?

It was known as National Space Day in 1997. Senator John Glenn, in 2001, wanted this day to be celebrated across the world. Scientific organizations celebrate this day with gatherings and observations. The local museum or observatory hosts events, it’s a good day to bring kids so that they can learn about space. National Space Day was created in 1997 by the Lockheed Martin Corporation.

When Is Space Day?

Space day is on the first Friday of May. Science fans and knowledge seekers can celebrate this day by attending observations, and by gathering space products to share among their peers. The day is also known as International Space Day. The exploration of Mars, if it is implemented as official on space day, can broaden the space day program immensely. By marking your calender for the month of may, this day can be explored with great appeal. On space day, other events are also happening so that means that it will be a breeze to remember that space day occurs on the first Friday of May.

2022May 6Friday
2023May 5Friday
2024May 3Friday
2025May 2Friday
2026May 1Friday
2027May 7Friday
Space Day Dates

How Is Space Day Celebrated?

One way to celebrate space day is to attend the National Air and Space Museum. Visitors can attend a presentation, they can meet a NASA Solar System Ambassador and participate in family activities.

Another way is to learn more about other space related passions and hobbies such as astronomy, Sci-Fi and astrology.


Why We Love Space Day?

People love space day because they can advance in their goals. Stem students can gather information and be successful in what they do. Students can test gravity. They can enjoy National Space Day activities with their families.


Overall, many things can be taken away from space day. It will be fun to design your own mission patch and take your kids to enjoy Space Day Coloring. Space day allows you to learn facts such as No one can hear you scream.

Also check out related events and holidays such as Sci-Fi Day and Star Wars Day.


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