St. Patrick’s Day

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Are you a fan of holidays that have references to cultural folklore? Then the green-filled Irish origin St Patricks Day probably rings a bell for you. It is celebration is not only observed in Ireland but in many parts of the Americas as well. This religious event mixed with some ancient Celtic references. It is a mixture of Christianity, legends, and myths.

St Patricks Day

So get your green outfits ready and put on an Irish-inspired hat as well. Because this holiday has a lot of festivities that will make you smile. And you might want to get your shamrock accessories ready too. St. Patrick’s Day is the best time to wear it.

What is St. Patrick’s Day?

Saint Patrick is the Patron saint of Ireland. In the late 4th century, he was born with Roman Britain citizenship. Unfortunately, he was kidnapped when he was 16 years old. He was taken to Ireland to be a slave. Saint Patrick managed to escape but had the heart of the Irish. He returned to the land and introduced Christianity to Ireland.

The History of St. Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick worked diligently until his demise on March 17, 461. By this time he had set up numerous churches, schools, and monasteries in Ireland. By 1631, the Church established a Feast Day to honor St. Patrick. The chosen date to celebrate it is the same day he breathed his last, March 17.

Aside from Ireland, the Irish settlers that came to the Americas commemorate this event too. At present, it is now a holiday that not only pays homage to Saint Patrick, but also a celebration of everything Irish.

When is St. Patrick’s Day?

As an appreciation of his contributions to the spreading of Christianity, every March 17 of every year St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated. It is the day when huge parades are organized in the Americas. It is a practice that has been observed since 1737 and originated in Boston. Other locations followed like New York in 1762 and Chicago in 1962.

How is St. Patrick’s Day Celebrated?

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated by wearing clothing that is colored green. The shamrock which is Ireland’s emblem is also being displayed proudly on this day. As for meals, corned beef and cabbage are often served during this holiday. It is followed by a lot of merry-making and drinking lots of beer. Some beer variants are even dyed green made especially for this day.

Why We Love St. Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day can be a family-oriented holiday too. You can also start telling stories of the adventures of St. Patrick. You can choose from his escapades of confronting Celtic practices to driving out snakes. Prepare some chocolates packed in shiny gold coin packaging. It is about the Irish tale about leprechauns keeping a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Kids will surely appreciate these fun-filled activities.


St. Patrick’s Day is rooted in Christianity’s selfless service. It then evolved into taking pride in Irish traditions and identity. Whenever people have a reason to come together, it is a chance to put differences aside. Overall it is an opportunity to celebrate life, and it is a good practice to continue doing.


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