Still Need to do Day

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Once the holidays have finished, you have time to take a breath and review all those things your “to do” list. Take heart: there’s a special day set aside for you to do it.

Still Need to do Day

What is Still Need to do Day?

It’s the day set aside to accomplish one or more of those tasks on your “to do” list. On that day, you’ll see what a difference 24 hours can make.

The History of Still Need to do Day

There is no record online of when this day is was first celebrated, but it’s a concept we can all understand and take part in.

When is Still Need to do Day?

Still Need to do Day will be celebrated on December 29 every year.

Still Need to do Day Dates

This year Still Need to do Day is celebrated on Sunday, Dec 29, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Dec 29 Sunday
2025 Dec 29 Monday
2026 Dec 29 Tuesday
2027 Dec 29 Wednesday
2028 Dec 29 Friday
2029 Dec 29 Saturday

How is Still Need to do Day Celebrated?

Get It Done – No matter which things you decide to do, just make sure you get them done. Don’t let another day pass before you make progress on that “to do” list.

Why We Love Still Need to do Day

  1. It Reminds Us We Aren’t The Only One With Things Undone
    While you’re checking that task off your list, be happy to know others around the country are checking off their own “to do” list.
  2. It Will Make You Feel Better
    Experience has shown us completing a task gives you satisfaction. Once you tackle one of the tasks on your list, you’ll probably feel so much better that you’ll do several more tasks you might not have finished.
  3. It Adds To the Holiday Spirit
    The days between Christmas and the New Year can feel like a letdown. Adding some fun to these days by getting those chores done will almost make them seem like they are part of the festivities.

Still Need to do Day FAQs

What was the first “to do” list?

There’s no way to know for sure, but there is evidence even Leonardo Da Vinci kept a “to do” list while he was painting the Mona Lisa.

Did any other historical leaders keep “to do” lists?

There was evidence found in the effects of such diverse men as Benjamin Franklin and John Lennon that both kept extensive lists.

Is There a Book About Keeping Lists?

One popular book about productivity and planning is the book “Getting Things Done- The Art of Stress-Free Productivity,” by David Allen.


For all of us who still have items on our “to do” list, there’s a day when you can check off some of those tasks and have fun doing it.


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