Take Your Dog to Work Day

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Leaving your dog at home by themselves for hours on end is the worst feeling. Staring into their big, round eyes as you explain why you have to go never gets easier. Thankfully, even if it is only one day out of the year, you get a chance to take your furry friend with you to work. Take your dog to work day gives owners the chance to spend time with their pets while showing them where they go everyday. Work becomes a lot easier when you have your best friend by your side. So stay tuned to learn more about take your dog to work day and how to celebrate!

dog work day

What is Take Your Dog to Work Day?

Take your dog to work day is a day where owners get to bring their four-legged friend into the office with them. If your workplace encourages you to celebrate this day, then have fun participating. Get your dog packed up for the day and take them into the office for a chance to observe your day to day activities while meeting a bunch of new dog friends. There aren’t many opportunities for people to bring their dog to work with them, so take your dog to work day provides owners with an exciting new possibility to spend more time together.

The History of Take Your Dog to Work Day

So, this day originally started in 1999 when Pet Sitters International came up with the idea to bring your pet into the office with you. The goal of this day was not only to give pet owners some special time with their dog, it was also created to promote adoption for dogs without homes.

When is Take Your Dog to Work Day?

Take your dog to work day is typically on the Friday after Father’s day, so it is on June 24th this year, 2022. So get your pup ready to celebrate a fun day in the office where they get a chance to see what you do while enjoying a day out of the house.

How is Take Your Dog to Work Day Celebrated?

This is a big moment for your pooch, so get them looking spiffy for the big day. Pack a bag for them that has all the essentials they will need throughout the day, food, water, a go bag etc. Have fun introducing your dog to people around the office, seeing you interact with your dog might actually influence someone else to adopt. Another way to celebrate can include visiting a local shelter if you are looking to adopt and add to your family. There are endless possibilities on how you can celebrate this day, just have fun making memories with your furry friend.

Why We Love Take Your Dog to Work Day

It seems like we get less and less time to spend with our dogs because of how busy life gets. It’s great to have a chance to spend the work day with our furry family members. Dogs also bring a playful energy to any room they are in, which will help to promote productivity by lifting the mood of everyone around the office.

If it was up to pet parents, everyday would be take your dog to work day, but unfortunately that’s not how it works. Take your dog to work day is a fun way to celebrate the bond between pets and their owners. So, if you don’t have a dog right now, consider adopting so that you can participate in this amazing day the next time it comes around.