National Techies Day

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National Techies Day will be celebrated on October 3 this year. This day is a time to honor the IT worker and other skilled nerds.

As with all holidays, National Techies Day can be celebrated in many ways. One way is to give your techies a shout-out. You can also celebrate the day by giving a gift to your techies, such as some cool computer or techie-themed swag.

National Techies Day

What is National Techies Day?

It is a day where we can let our beloved techies know how much they mean to us. It’s also a time to honor the IT worker – whether working at an office or their own business. Ideally, a techie is defined as a person with diversified technological knowledge. The day is quite remarkable to help encourage people to understand opportunities in technology. You can celebrate the day by inviting your tech friends to your home for a nice dinner.

Where did National Techies Day come from?

The day was invented by with the support of the CNET Networks in 1998. It was originally established with the intention to help students learn more about careers in technology. It was first celebrated on the October 3.1999. Ideally, during this day kids are encouraged to learn about computers and select a career in the technology sector.

When is National Techies Day?

It is celebrated each year, October 3. This year the day will be celebrated on a Wednesday, October 3. During this day it is a time to encourage your kids to learn different technologies and celebrate your tech friends.

How can you celebrate National Techies Day?

There are many ways to honor your techies. You can give them a shout-out at work or get them some cool techie-themed swag for the office. The day is celebrated by giving shout-outs to your techies. Some of the ways you can celebrate this day include:

  • Giving a shout-out at work!
  • Bringing in some cool techie-themed swag for your office.
  • Showing the IT guy/gal you care by bringing them coffee or doughnuts.
  • Proudly displaying your “I Heart Techies” sticker on your laptop or other devices (you can get one of these in your size by clicking here).
  • Doing something in honor of the IT worker in your life
  • Encouraging and teaching your children about various careers available in the IT industry.

Why We Love National Techies Day?

The day is celebrated because we love our techies. We all know the stereotype of the IT guy who sits in his dark, cold office. But we can’t think of anyone more critical (or harder working) than them. Thus it is an important day to make them feel loved and celebrate them. It is also a time to educate your children about technology and encourage them to study various technology-related courses.


It is important to celebrate all your techie friends on this special day. Whether it be a shout-out at work, giving them a gift for National Techies Day, or just spending the day with your tech geek. It is essential to embrace this day with lots of love,


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