World Consumer Rights Day

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In a day, the economy is moving through trade. One of the contributors to this flow is the consumers. Unfortunately, through the years, the customers became victims of various bad schemes. Issues like poor quality, overpricing, false information, and other unfair trade practices have plagued the market.

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There are existing consumer rights, but there seems to be low awareness about them. To overcome this and promote awareness, World Consumer Rights Day was conceived and observed in 1983 until the present.

What is World Consumer Rights Day?

World Consumer Rights Day is led by the global group Consumer International. The members are various consumer organizations that are independent and influential in voicing out concerns of consumers. The advocacies include the prevention of fraudulent transactions. Promote consumer awareness of their rights. And the use of sustainable materials in the market.

This celebration aims for consumers to be vocal about their opinion. At the same time, they should not be fooled by the purchases made. Each citizen must be empowered to choose what items they want to buy and demand the best quality from the merchants. If it is not met they should not be ashamed of making claims because it is their right.

The History of World Consumer Rights Day

The global group Consumer International has been around since 1960. The official date of World Consumer Rights Day is in honor of former the United States of America President John F. Kennedy. On March 15, 1962, in the U.S. Congress, he talked about consumer rights. President Kennedy mentioned four fundamental rights, the right to safety, the right to be informed, the right to choose, and the right to be heard. This occurrence influenced the choice of the official date.

When is World Consumer Rights Day?

World Consumer Rights Day celebration is on the 15th of March of every calendar year. It has been a practice since 1983. The successful launch earned acceptance all over the world. The increase in its popularity led to the creation of general guidelines for consumer protection. In 1985, no less than the United Nations approved it. And the rest is history.

World Consumer Rights Day Dates

This year World Consumer Rights Day is celebrated on Wednesday, Mar 15, 2023

Year Date Day
2023 Mar 15 Wednesday
2024 Mar 15 Friday
2025 Mar 15 Saturday
2026 Mar 15 Sunday
2027 Mar 15 Monday
2028 Mar 15 Wednesday

How is World Consumer Rights Day Celebrated?

World Consumer Rights Day is best celebrated by keeping yourself informed. Check out the basic rights of consumers and share them with family and friends. Make sure to pick materials that are on point and easy to understand.

To keep yourself updated, join World Consumer Rights Day events. See if it is available in your area. If not, for sure there will be something organized online. Be sure to sign-up and keep yourself empowered by knowledge.

Got a social media account? Then spread your wings more by sharing your consumer rights story. A successful testimony will encourage others to follow too. Be a role model, by sharing your experience, and if the chance arises, accommodate sensible questions. Who knows? You might earn a friend or two afterward.

Why We Love World Consumer Rights Day

World Consumer Rights Day is special because it empowers everyone. It is a testimony that in the market all customers are created equal. You can have an advantage over big corporations as long as you are on the right side of justice. It is a reminder that you are protected and valued.


World Consumer Rights Day is not only good for customers but also businesses. It promotes a balanced dynamic between the two making the market a better place. And whenever value is created, progress is not far behind.


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