World Emoji Day

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Communication in the 21st century has shifted thanks to the rise of the Internet age. The introduction of technologies like smartphones also led to the development of a new type of language. Now aside from written words, conversing online can also be done using emojis.

emoji day

Emojis are creative graphic images that can express feelings, things, or situations. At present, it is used to simplify the things one would want to explain. Due to this breakthrough in communication, World Emoji Day is established and observed.

What is World Emoji Day?

World Emoji Day is celebrated to pay tribute to the contributions of these graphic images that say a lot of words. Emojis have changed how people communicate. It is useful too to convey emotions which is somewhat too hard to express in text form. In a way, it has also empowered people to be more open about their feelings without speaking. Emojis have become representations of an individual’s inner thoughts or sometimes assurances since it makes replying fast and concise. So if you can’t put your words together, browse through your emoji list. You will find at least one suitable icon to use.

The History of World Emoji Day

Did you know that the first emoticon was written in the 1800s? It is from the misprint of a transcribed speech copy of President Abraham Lincoln. Then fast forward to the 1990s Buddy icons were introduced. They are small images that express feelings. Then in 1999, Japanese artist Shigetaka Kurita introduced the first emoji. And the rest is history, as these small graphic images began to circulate the world.

When is World Emoji Day?

World Emoji Day is celebrated every July 17 of the calendar year. It is the time to go all out and express yourself using these icons. There are more than a hundred emojis published. And their numbers keep on multiplying as years go by.

World Emoji Day Dates

This year World Emoji Day is celebrated on Monday, Jul 17, 2023

Year Date Day
2023 Jul 17 Monday
2024 Jul 17 Wednesday
2025 Jul 17 Thursday
2026 Jul 17 Friday
2027 Jul 17 Saturday
2028 Jul 17 Monday

How is World Emoji Day Celebrated?

You can have lots of fun on World Emoji Day. To commemorate the event, you can challenge your composition skills. Instead of writing your thoughts with words, use emojis all day to get your point across.

You can also gift friends and family emoji-inspired merchandise. There are a lot of products that range from mugs, small pillows, mousepads, and shirts. For kids, you can organize an emoji drawing contest. In the office during lunch break, challenge your co-worker. Set up an emoji quiz bee. Spend the day with a lot of laughs with World Emoji Day. It’s the best time to express yourself with cute and small images.

Why We Love World Emoji Day

World Emoji Day is an event when non-conventional communication can be practiced freely. It challenges your creativity, wit, and knowledge about popular culture. It is also a great time to appreciate these icons that express emotions. And at the same time, it maintains a simple and understandable form.


World Emoji Day is proof that things continue to evolve and change. The popularity of emojis is a testimony that there is beauty in simplicity. Because with one image, it has managed to touch the hearts of many to understand their fellow human being.


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