World Environment Day

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World Environment Day is intended to increase awareness about environmental issues and initiatives and encourage people to take action and improve their environmental practices. It’s a day when you can connect with your green friends, inspire your family and community, and put your favorite activities on the back burner to make room for the environment. Eco-friendly activities like planting trees, volunteering, and recycling are many ways you can celebrate. This is a day to celebrate the Environment!

World Environment Day

What is World Environment Day?

World Environment Day is the perfect time to celebrate our planet. It’s a day when people take a break from their busy schedules and spend time with their families outdoors. It’s when everyone comes together to learn more about the environment and take action on issues that matter most to them. Environmental stewardship is an important part of daily life. The best way to celebrate World Environment Day is to develop a few ways to improve your practices. You could pledge to help protect our planet and the people who call it home. You could also volunteer with a conservation organization or host a community clean-up. There are countless ways to celebrate World Environment Day, and we’d love to hear about them!

The History of World Environment Day

World Environment Day was first commemorated in 1974. The observance of World Environment Day grew as awareness of environmental issues increased, and people became more attentive to their habits and their impact on the planet. Celebrations of World Environment Day are held in many countries each year.

When is World Environment Day?

World Environment Day falls on 5 June each year. The day was chosen because it is the closest to the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. The summer solstice is when the Earth reaches its most northerly position, signaling the start of a new season. 

Global Day of Parents Dates

This year Global Day of Parents is celebrated on Wednesday, Jun 05, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Jun 05 Wednesday
2025 Jun 05 Thursday
2026 Jun 05 Friday
2027 Jun 05 Saturday
2028 Jun 05 Monday
2029 Jun 05 Tuesday

How is World Environment Day Celebrated?

There are many ways to celebrate World Environment Day. Some people choose to go green by planting a tree, volunteering with a conservation organization, or taking a hike in the great outdoors. You could also celebrate with a simple activity that benefits the environment. For example, save paper and plastic by turning off your printer when it’s not in use, switch to energy-efficient light bulbs, or car-pool to your destination instead of driving alone. In addition to the ways you celebrate, there are also ways to celebrate with a cause. For example, host a backyard garden or a community garden party to teach others about sustainable living. You could also organize outdoor cooking or a picnic to teach others about healthy eating habits.

5 Ways To Celebrate World Environment Day

  1. Drive less and conserve energy.
  2. Plant a tree.
  3. Recycle and be conscious of what you discard.
  4. Use public transportation or carpooling whenever possible.
  5. Educate others about the importance of preserving the environment!

Why We Love World Environment Day

World Environment Day is a perfect time to come together with your family and friends to learn more about the environment and take action on issues that matter most to you. It’s also a great opportunity to reconnect with your green friends and put your favorite activities on the back burner to make room for the environment. 

Top 5 Things We Love About World Environment Day

  1. We love that World Environment Day celebrates the environment and all it provides for us, both now and in the future:  clean air, water, land, food security, and more.
  2. World Environment Day encourages us to take action on climate change and other environmental issues.
  3. We love that World Environment Day is a global event, with events happening all over the world!
  4. World Environment Day is a time to come together and learn about the environment.
  5. We love that World Environment Day is a great opportunity to get involved in environmental activism!

World Environment Day is a perfect time to catch up with your friends and celebrate the environment. You can pick just one activity to celebrate or get creative and choose multiple activities to make the day even more special. You could also focus on the cause of the day by hosting a backyard garden or community garden party. 


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