World Humanitarian Day

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The world has an obligation to help people in crisis and save lives. We have done this repeatedly in our history, and we can do so again now. On this day, people celebrate those who give of themselves so that others can live better lives. World Humanitarian Day celebrates the heroes who risk their lives daily to help others in need.

World Humanitarian Day

These helpers are known as humanitarian workers. They come from all walks of life, and their work is as varied as the people they help. The daily challenges of their work are amplified in times of crisis. But they do not let that stop them from doing what they can to help those who need it.

What is World Humanitarian Day?

World Humanitarian Day is an annual celebration of the important work that skilled volunteers and humanitarian organizations do daily to help people in crisis and save lives. It’s also a time to recognize the sacrifices of those who risk their lives to perform this critical work.
Humanitarian workers come from all walks of life. They include doctors, retired teachers, nurses who care for people after an earthquake, and aid workers who help people rebuild their lives after conflict, natural disasters, or other violence.

The History of World Humanitarian Day

 In 2009, World Humanitarian Day (WHD) was formalized by the United Nations General Assembly. Each year since the day has been marked on August 19.

When is World Humanitarian Day?

World Humanitarian Day falls on August 19, 2022. Humanitarian workers often face challenges in times of crisis. And people who are displaced or suffering from conflict, natural disasters, or health conditions may not be able to rely on the help that these volunteers can provide. It’s a great day to take a closer look at the work of humanitarian workers.

World Humanitarian Day Dates

This year World Humanitarian Day is celebrated on Monday, Aug 19, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Aug 19 Monday
2025 Aug 19 Tuesday
2026 Aug 19 Wednesday
2027 Aug 19 Thursday
2028 Aug 19 Saturday
2029 Aug 19 Sunday

How is World Humanitarian Day Celebrated?

Humanitarian workers worldwide celebrate World Humanitarian Day by wearing blue, the color that represents their commitment to helping others. They often visit patients at hospitals and other health centers, giving them a boost during worry and uncertainty.

5 Ways To Celebrate World Humanitarian Day

  1. Make a donation to a charity of your choice.
  2. Volunteer your time to help those in need.
  3. Give back to the community by doing something helpful or supporting a worthy cause.
  4. Share your love and compassion for others by writing or speaking about humanitarianism.
  5. Celebrate World Humanitarian Day by doing something that makes someone happy, no matter how small.

Why We Love World Humanitarian Day

World Humanitarian Day is a day to celebrate the work of skilled volunteers and humanitarian organizations. These individuals and groups come from all walks of life. They all have the same goal: to help those who need it most.
On World Humanitarian Day, you can cheer on humanitarian workers and observe how they help improve people’s lives in need. You can also help by volunteering on humanitarian organizations’ volunteer days, donating to organizations that help people in crisis, or fundraising for them.

Top 5 Things We Love About World Humanitarian Day

  1. We love that World Humanitarian Day celebrates the incredible work humanitarian organizations do to help people in need around the world.
  2. We appreciate how World Humanitarian Day reminds us all of the importance of working together to support humanitarian efforts.
  3. We love that World Humanitarian Day inspires us to be more compassionate and caring individuals.
  4. We love that World Humanitarian Day reminds us of the importance of volunteering our time and energy to help others in need.
  5. There is always something we can do to help those in need!


World Humanitarian Day is a special day to celebrate skilled volunteers and humanitarian organizations who work tirelessly to help those in need. Whether you volunteer at your children’s school or a local community center, you make a difference in someone’s life. The day is perfect for helping out those in need by volunteering your time or donating funds to charitable organizations. You can also use World Humanitarian Day to learn more about humanitarian work and how you can get involved. Humanitarian workers truly deserve our appreciation.


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