World Monkey Day

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Monkeys are some of the most popular and well-known animals in the world. They are often seen as cute and cuddly, but they can also be quite fierce when necessary. On World Monkey Day, we want to remind everyone that monkeys are fascinating creatures with a rich history.

What is World Monkey Day?

World Monkey Day is a day to celebrate the joy brought to the world by monkeys and other simians. It has also evolved into a day to promote awareness of modern threats to monkeys. As of 2022, the holiday is supported and promoted by Greenpeace, National Geographic, and the Smithsonian Institution.

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The History of World Monkey Day

It is believed that monkeys have existed for over 60 million years. We enjoyed seeing them in zoos, circuses, and movies. In 2000, two college students, Casey Sorrow and Erik Milliken were feeling post-Thanksgiving blues in early December. The friends searched for a way to relieve their blues. Casey jokingly wrote “Monkey Day” in his friend’s calendar on December 14.

On that date, Casey and his art school friends put on some monkey suits and ran around the campus while making their best monkey impressions. They enjoyed the experience and decided to promote it by quickly drawing monkey comics and other monkey art. The friends distributed the artwork and the new holiday slowly began to spread to other schools. It is celebrated worldwide, including in Germany, Thailand, and India.

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When is World Monkey Day?

World Monkey Day will be celebrated on December 14 every year.

World Monkey Day Dates

This year World Monkey Day is celebrated on Saturday, Dec 14, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Dec 14 Saturday
2025 Dec 14 Sunday
2026 Dec 14 Monday
2027 Dec 14 Tuesday
2028 Dec 14 Thursday
2029 Dec 14 Friday

How is World Monkey Day Celebrated?

1. Monkey-Themed Art

Emulate Casey and Erik by designing a painting, sculpture, or craft of your own – with a monkey theme. You could even dress up as a monkey for the day!

2. Watch Monkey-Themed Videos on YouTube 

Watch some hilarious, informative, or simply fun videos about monkeys. From educational clips to silly pranks, there’s something for everyone on World Monkey Day.

3. Act Out Monkey Scenes from Movies 

Reenact your favorite scenes from classic movies with furry friends. Go bananas in the monkey suit and props you find in your home.

4. Monkey-Themed Foods

Grab some cookies, cake, or treats that have a monkey-themed flavor. You can also make a monkey cake or other sweet treats. You can always begin with bananas, but take the celebration further with monkey-shaped cookies or perhaps eat some Ben and Jerry’s “Chunky Monkey” ice cream.

5. Primate Donations

Since the day focuses not only on the fun we have with monkeys, you and a group of friends could band together to raise funds for primate research programs or for monkey preservation programs.

6. Go To The Zoo

Many zoos have special monkey-themed exhibits or events during World Monkey Day.

7. Watch a Monkey Movie

You could have fun with Curious George or try a blast from the past with Bedtime for Bonzo or Every Which Way But Loose. You can also “go big” and watch King Kong.

Why We Love World Monkey Day

Monkey Day is a day for fun and laughter. It’s a day to celebrate the amazing primates who share our world and to appreciate the special bond we have with these furry friends. Here are some of the top reasons why we love World Monkey Day:

1. It’s a Great Excuse to Monkey Around

Use the day to enjoy yourself in whatever fun ways you can think of. Stay safe, but embrace your inner monkey and have a rollicking time.

2. It Provides Needed Information

Not many are aware half of the species of monkeys in the world are in danger of extinction. World Monkey Day brings that awareness into a sharper and more public focus

3. Monkeys Are Cute

There’s no denying they are some of the cutest animals on the planet. So enjoy your day surrounded by furry friends and marvel at their wacky antics.

World Monkey Day FAQs

Do Monkeys Have Tails?

Yes, monkeys typically have tails. This distinguishes them from apes, another group of primates, which do not have tails.

Where Are Monkeys Naturally Found?

Monkeys are predominantly found in tropical rainforests, but they can also inhabit grasslands, mountains, and some residential areas where they have adapted to human presence.

How Do Monkeys Express Affection?

Monkeys show affection in various ways. One of the most common gestures of affection is grooming, where a monkey picks bugs and dirt off another monkey. This not only helps keep them clean but also strengthens social bonds.

Which Monkeys Are the Smallest?

The Pygmy Marmosets hold the title for being the smallest monkeys. They are tiny primates that can easily fit into a human hand.

Why Do We Celebrate World Monkey Day?

World Monkey Day is celebrated to raise awareness about monkeys and their importance in the ecosystem. It also aims to highlight the threats they face, such as habitat loss and poaching, and promote conservation efforts.


World Monkey Day was originally a way to allow two drives to have fun, but has now evolved into a day of worldwide education about the current threats toward monkeys.


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