World Oceans Day

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In recent years, the problem linked to the environment has become increasingly felt. Especially in the last decade this aspect has entered the heart of the world population, from the Gretha Thunberg phenomenon, to the ambitious REV Ocean project up to the establishment of several world days dedicated to the environment. One of these, one of the most important, is certainly World Oceans Day. One of the most discussed topics, in fact, is water pollution, and between microplastics and slightly less “micro” waste, this world day should make us reflect.

World Oceans Day

What’s World Oceans Day?

World Oceans Day is a commemoration celebrated every year on June 8, and was created specifically by the UN to focus more on the issue of pollution and safeguarding the world’s oceans. This day was set up to help us reflect on how important the oceans are for mankind, and how much they must be protected to ensure a healthy and long-lasting life for mankind.

The History of World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day was established in 1992, exactly after what is remembered as the Earth Summit, the United Nations conference in Rio de Janeiro. This conference was a truly epochal event for several reasons: first of all because many political entities from many nations decided to participate, and then also for the immense media impact that this event brought. Realizing the importance and weight of this summit, the UN decided to take the opportunity to establish one of the most important thematic days related to the environment.

When is World Oceans Day?

As already mentioned, World Oceans Day was established by the UN during the Earth Summit of 1992, which took place from 3 to 14 June. However, the decisive day for the establishment of this commemoration appears to have been June 8, so from that moment on this date was taken as official.

World Oceans Day Dates

This year World Oceans Day is celebrated on Saturday, Jun 08, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Jun 08 Saturday
2025 Jun 08 Sunday
2026 Jun 08 Monday
2027 Jun 08 Tuesday
2028 Jun 08 Thursday
2029 Jun 08 Friday

How is World Oceans Day celebrated?

But now we come to one of the most important aspects: how is it celebrated? How do you celebrate such a commemoration? Well, the selection is actually very large. Often, in major cities around the world, peaceful demonstrations are held to celebrate the oceans and to encourage their preservation, but other times it is even politicians or people of a certain caliber to participate in celebrations and to give public speeches also delivered on live television.

5 Ways To Celebrate World Oceans Day

  1. Plant a tree in honor of the world’s oceans.
  2. Learn about the ocean and its creatures.
  3. Help clean up marine debris.
  4. Support ocean conservation efforts.
  5. Share your love for the ocean with others

Why we love World Oceans Day

And here we are at the fateful question: why do we love World Oceans Day?
It is undoubtedly a very heartfelt commemoration around the globe due to its profound significance. In fact, it not only reminds us that we are not the only ones on the planet, but it also reminds us how deeply we depend on them and the environment in general, and how little we have been concerned with for too long. With the increase, especially in recent times, of environmentalist and anti-pollution movements, this day and all its similars (such as World Earth Day) is becoming increasingly important.

Top 5 Things We Love About World Oceans Day

  1. We love that World Oceans Day is a day to focus on the importance of oceans and the need to protect them.  The oceans are home to a huge variety of marine life, they provide us with resources like food and energy, and they are one of the most important parts of our planet.
  2. World Oceans Day is a day for us to come together as a global community and work together to protect our oceans: we can all make a difference by doing our part, whether it’s by recycling more and reducing our use of plastics, or by raising awareness about the importance of oceans in general.
  3. We love that World Oceans Day is a day for us to celebrate the incredible diversity of ocean life. From tiny plankton to massive whales, there’s something for everyone on our planet’s oceans!
  4. World Oceans Day is a day for us to take a moment to appreciate the ocean’s beauty. Whether we’re looking at its vastness from above, or feeling the power of its waves crashing against the shore, there’s something special about spending time in nature’s oceans.
  5. Finally, we love that World Oceans Day is a day to learn more about the ocean’s ecosystems and how we can help protect them: from coral reefs to marine protected areas, there’s a lot of information out there about the different species and habitats that make up our oceans.


So, in summary, we have seen how World Oceans Day is a commemoration instituted by the UN during the 1992 Environment Summit and is still celebrated today on 8 June. It should be remembered that these world days, such as World Earth Day for example, are really important, and should not be taken lightly at all. Planet Earth is precious, and for too long we didn’t realize it, going so far as to destroy it slowly. So let’s take these little opportunities to remind ourselves of how much, in reality, we are but little ants in an anthill that we have made ours, but which does not belong to us. 


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