World Password Day

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The digital age has brought in new practices. People in the past never bothered about these things. One of these things is the usage of passwords. It is a very confidential item observed in both private and corporate life. Essential and sensitive information is being kept secret, thanks to the passwords that protect it. World Password Day is introduced and celebrated worldwide to pay tribute to this one-of-a-kind security to humanity.

World Password Day

What is World Password Day?

Cybersecurity as the world’s dependence on technology increased became an issue. Due to the looming threats, passwords became significant to keep confidential information safe. The idea of World Password Day originates from a security researcher named Mark Burnett. It aims to promote awareness to people to update and make sure that their passwords are secure. It also made the public aware of the danger of cybercrimes. It resulted in vigilance in updating passwords frequently. It also promoted the concept of making them unique. The rarer it is, the security and secrecy are more guaranteed.

The History of World Password Day

Leading technological companies acknowledged Mark Burnett’s idea. One of the supporters is the prestigious Intel Security. It is a fact that Intel Corporation is one of the leaders of the digital age. So having them back up this idea made World Password day very relevant. Now it is considered a holiday all over the globe.

When is World Password Day?

Since 2013, Intel Security has announced the first Thursday of May as the official date of World Password Day. It is observed every calendar year, and it is an opportunity to reflect on the security of your passwords. It is said that people tend to use the same password in multiple accounts. So this day is celebrated to remind all to think twice about their current set-up.

How is World Password Day Celebrated?

You can celebrate World Password Day by promoting awareness. Tell your family, friends, and colleagues to update their passwords on this day. Educate them on how to formulate rare access codes that will fight cybercrime. Important details like do not use birthdays or other familiar information that can easily be leaked or guessed. Then you can also start re-evaluating all yours. If you feel they are no longer unique then change it. Or if you have received security threat notifications, start replacing them with more complex ones.

Why We Love World Password Day

World Password Day is proof that technological advances are moving forward. As much as it can indicate progress, it reminds all to be vigilant. No matter the nature of the security, be it cyber, emotional, or physical is a responsibility an individual must take seriously. It also celebrates the ingenuity of the human mind to be creative when it comes to making secure passwords.


Cybercrime can be stopped, and it is all in your hands. World Password Day is proof that people with proper awareness can prevent mishaps from happening. All it takes is a creative mind and short moments of reflection to review personal passwords.


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