World Photo Day

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Photos capture the beauty of things and serve as a souvenir. Anyone can try and take a photo. Even if you are not a photography enthusiast, you can take nice pictures too. It is a staple activity for important events like birthdays, reunions, travels, graduations, and many more. Can you imagine these events passing by without a few snaps?

World Photo Day

It is a way to gather and share memories. It brings families and friends closer together. Thanks to photos, one can look back at the story of their life in detail. To honor this life-changing innovation World Photo Day has been listed as a holiday.

What is World Photo Day?

World Photo Day commemorates the evolution of photography. It is linked to the creation of a photographic procedure that is called the daguerreotype process. This innovation involves a sheet of copper plate thinly coated with silver. It is the first method that successfully captures images in a photograph. The technique, during the late 1830s, was patented by the French government. It became the foundation of modern photography. Since then, the craft has evolved to become more colorful and radiant. 

The History of World Photo Day

The daguerreotype is the world’s first commercially successful form of taking photos. The idea was made public on August 19, 1839. During a meeting of the esteemed French Academy of Sciences in Paris, France. Referencing photography’s roots, in 2010, a professional photographer named Korske Ara came up with World Photo Day.

When is World Photo Day?

Celebration of World Photo Day is every August 19 of the calendar year. It is an opportunity to take your camera out. And take a few clicks of beautiful the world is. Remember, you don’t need fancy equipment to get the loveliest photos. As long as you are inspired, plus the lighting is enough, your shots will be spectacular.

World Photo Day Dates

This year World Photo Day is celebrated on Monday, Aug 19, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Aug 19 Monday
2025 Aug 19 Tuesday
2026 Aug 19 Wednesday
2027 Aug 19 Thursday
2028 Aug 19 Saturday
2029 Aug 19 Sunday

How is World Photo Day Celebrated? 

To celebrate World Photo Day, you can use your smartphone or camera to take a picture of a subject that interests you. Be creative and make a storyboard based on the multiple images you have gathered. Then share it on your social media page so others can be inspired by it. 

If you have a collection that you are proud of, why not show off your portfolio at school or in the office? You can get feedback too and take notes on how to improve more. Change your personal computer’s desktop wallpaper to a photograph you like the most in your collection. People will notice, and it will allow you to share the joys of photography.

5 Ways To Celebrate World Photo Day

  1. Take a picture of your favorite landmark or place in your hometown.
  2. Capture a fun moment with friends or family.
  3. Capture a beautiful landscape or sunrise/sunset.
  4. Shoot a photo of yourself, incorporating your favorite clothing and accessories.
  5. Create a series of photos that tell a story or capture a moment in time.

Why We Love World Photo Day

World Photo Day is loved because it is a time to capture moments that can motivate. It is the perfect time to be sentimental and expressive while keeping an actual souvenir. It gives you a chance to gather and compile memories that will last a lifetime or even beyond it.

Top 5 Things We Love About World Photo Day

  1. The opportunity to share photos and memories with friends and family
  2. Seeing the joy and happiness brought about by photos and videos
  3. Seeing the creative ways people use photography to tell their stories
  4. Seeing the impact that photography has on our lives and the world around us
  5. Learning about new photographers and their work


World Photo Day is to remind people to observe and look around. There are a lot of things going on that need to be documented. Your capacity to remember is limited. But thanks to photos, keeping important moments is limitless.


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