World Press Freedom Day

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Journalists worldwide risk their lives to defend our right to be informed. But how do we know what’s real and what isn’t? What are the risks of manipulated information? And why should we care?
On Press Freedom Day, you can take a stand for freedom of expression and demand fair, honest, and accurate reporting from credible sources.

World Press Freedom Day

What is World Press Freedom Day?

World Press Freedom Day is an annual event that celebrates the freedom of the media and expression. On this day, the World Press Freedom Foundation honors journalists who have been persecuted or killed for their work. The Foundation also aims to promote press freedom worldwide by providing resources and support to persecuted journalists, journalists’ families, and human rights organizations.

The History of World Press Freedom Day

The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the day in December 1993 following the recommendation of UNESCO’s General Conference. Each year, a theme for World Press Freedom Day is selected to focus on a particular aspect of press freedom. The UN General Assembly adopts a resolution to motivate worldwide action on that topic for the following year.

When is World Press Freedom Day?

World Press Freedom Day is on Tuesday, 3 May.

World Press Freedom Day Dates

This year World Press Freedom Day is celebrated on Friday, May 03, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 May 03 Friday
2025 May 03 Saturday
2026 May 03 Sunday
2027 May 03 Monday
2028 May 03 Wednesday
2029 May 03 Thursday

How is World Press Freedom Day Celebrated?

In light of this day, here are some ways you can show your support for the freedom of the press and fight censorship around the world.
Read about a journalist’s life.
One way to celebrate World Press Freedom Day is by reading about the life of a journalist. Journalists have one of the most dangerous occupations globally; it’s estimated that 120 journalists are killed and 337 imprisoned every year. But as you read about their lives and work, think about how much they risk for the sake of journalism, fighting for what they believe in.
Support a media organization
Freedom of the press is essential for democracies, so people need to fight for this freedom. Supporting media organizations is one way to fight censorship. One thing you can do is donate to a media organization. This will help them continue with their work in providing reliable and accurate news reports to the public.
Protest censorship in your country
One way to celebrate World Press Freedom Day is by protesting censorship in your country. If you live in a country with an oppressive government, you can protest the government’s policies. You don’t have to be an activist to protest censorship. Even if you are not active in any protests, you can still stand up for freedom of the press and fight censors by signing online petitions.

Why We Love World Press Freedom Day

This day is so important because it allows us to celebrate our freedom of speech and reminds us that, as human beings, we have a responsibility to keep this privilege alive. It also helps us remember that many people around the world cannot speak their minds freely due to oppression in their country or other threats against them.
On this day each year, we take time out of our lives and pause for reflection about what this day means for us. We also use this day as an opportunity to recommit ourselves as global citizens to protect our essential freedoms.


It’s important to remember that this day is about more than just journalists. It’s about promoting freedom of speech as well as media independence.


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