World Smile Day

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In 1999, World Smile Day was invented. This uplifting day has since been celebrated annually. Following a difficult two years, there’s never been a better time to mark World Smile Day. Could there be a more effective way to boost morale than by celebrating smiling? Smiling is such a powerful communication tool that it deserves its own day. As Andrew Garcia said in When a Man Loves a Woman. “She’s got 600 kinds of smiles. They can light up your life. They can make you laugh out loud, just like that. They can even make you cry just like that”.

Smile Day

What is World Smile Day?

World Smile Day is a day dedicated to focusing on and celebrating smiling. It aims to get people to do things to make other people smile and to therefore spread happiness. As a day it has lots of potential, as well as a feel-good factor.

The History of World Smile Day

In 1963, an artist called Harvey Ball created the yellow smiley face. From then on it has been used as a happy symbol. However, over time he started to worry that the yellow smiley face wasn’t being used properly and that it was becoming more and more about money. He was limited in what he could do about this because he hadn’t copyrighted his original design. He, therefore, decided to create World Smile Day. Following his death in 2001, the Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation was established. They still sponsor World Smile Day today.

When is World Smile Day?

Since 1999 World Smile Day has been an official holiday. It has always been celebrated on the first Friday of October. It could be said that this works as a mood booster after Summer’s end.

World Smile Day Dates

This year World Smile Day is celebrated on Friday, Oct 04, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Oct 04 Friday
2025 Oct 03 Friday
2026 Oct 02 Friday
2027 Oct 01 Friday
2028 Oct 06 Friday
2029 Oct 05 Friday

How is World Smile Day Celebrated?

There are numerous ways to celebrate World Smile Day. You could celebrate it independently by carrying out a random act of kindness such as helping an elderly person with errands or buying a cup of coffee for someone. Alternatively, if you wanted to organize something on a larger scale, why not involve family and friends. You could get people together to prepare some meals for homeless people or arrange a sing-along at a local nursing home., featuring “happy” songs such as “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves. The sky’s the limit.

Why We Love World Smile Day

What’s not to like. It is a positive day. People are inspired to help others and in doing so feel good themselves. Indeed, research shows that helping others can improve our physical health as well as our mental health, by reducing our stress levels.

World Smile Day can be used as a stepping stone to living a more meaningful life. It has the definite advantage of flexibility. You can participate in whatever way you wish. It’s a chance to put your thinking cap on and embrace your creativity. Now that’s something to smile about.


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