World Tourism Day

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Tourism is often perceived as a boon to the economy, with travelers spending billions of dollars annually. It contributes to the economy of a community by attracting visitors, generating income, and providing jobs. In turn, these travelers often introduce their own cultures when they return home. Tourism has become the largest and fastest-growing industry in the world.

World Tourism Day

Different from other industries, tourism does not release pollution in production. For the most part, tourism can be an environmentally friendly industry with minimal impact on air and water quality. However, massive tourism development can create problems such as noise, traffic congestion, litter and pollution of local water resources.

What is World Tourism Day?

World tourism day is a day when people from all over the world come together to celebrate and commemorate a special event or occasion. It usually involves a special theme of the day or events focused around a particular tourist attraction. In addition, it is customary for people to travel to their neighboring countries and exchange gifts as well as “harmonies”. This day marks the importance in the tourism sector and is celebrated for attracting travelers to various destinations. In light of this day, tourists are encouraged to visit their various destinations so that they can experience the cultural and historical activities that takes place.

The History of World Tourism Day

Since the inception of World Tourism Day in the year 1970, various countries around the world have mandated their constituents to celebrate this special day. The event was initially conceptualized by the International Tourism Council, which was formed to promote friendly and cooperative relationships between participating countries. It was later on endorsed by UNWTO and IATA.

When is World Tourism Day?

World tourism day is celebrated on 27th of September each year. It is organized to promote the importance and significance of tourism in the world. It is held to attract tourists to various tourist destinations by promoting culture, tradition and history. Various countries celebrate this international day with various events in different settlings.

World Tourism Day Dates

This year World Tourism Day is celebrated on Friday, Sep 27, 2024

Year Date Day
2024 Sep 27 Friday
2025 Sep 27 Saturday
2026 Sep 27 Sunday
2027 Sep 27 Monday
2028 Sep 27 Wednesday
2029 Sep 27 Thursday

How is World Tourism Day Celebrated?

The day is celebrated through various events. These events range from special concerts and exhibitions, to the presentation of various cultural dances and music around the world. In addition, there is also a theme for this day which attracts tourists from all over the world each year. Furthermore, it is customary for residents to visit their neighboring countries and exchange gifts hence promoting unity and peace among the residents. Celebrating this day also involves various cultural activities such as food, clothing on display, and other interesting activities that promotes unity and peace. This gives it value in the eyes of the public.

5 Ways To Celebrate World Tourism Day

  1. Go on a trip to a new destination
  2. Take a road trip
  3. Visit an old friends house or family member
  4. Celebrate by dining out in a new restaurant
  5. Join a group tour

Why We Love World Tourism Day

We love this day because it promotes peace and unity in the world. This is significant in the eyes of both residents and tourists around the world. In addition, world tourism day also attracts tourists from all over the world to their respective destinations so that they can partake in the special activities that take place.

Top 5 Things We Love About World Tourism Day

  1. It’s just fun to celebrate how the world comes together to promote peace and unity.
  2. It’s a day where we can appreciate all of the amazing things that tourism brings to our lives.
  3. It’s a day where we get to see all sorts of cultures from around the world.
  4. It’s a day that celebrates travel and adventure, two things that are very important to us as humans.
  5. Finally, it’s a day that lets us give back to our local communities by supporting their businesses and attractions!


Word tourism day is held annually so that residents can celebrate this occasion by visiting their neighbors and celebrating world peace. This day is significant in the tourism sector as it extends business opportunities in the sector. It also attracts tourists from all over the world to come and experience cultural activities that take place on this day.


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