World Vegan Day

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Veganism is understandably one of the most important and interesting diets that exist in this modern society, as it consists in consuming food that has nothing to do with damaging or killing animals around the world, which means that is mainly focused on green foods like vegetables or fruits.

World Vegan Day

Vegans around the world have a tough mission, reducing the levels and the numbers of animals who are often tortured and killed just to satisfy the gluttony of people who just eat for enjoyment and not for necessity, to honor this mission of vegans, the World Vegan Day was created.

What is World Vegan Day?

In simple words, World Vegan Day is a yearly celebration that is performed by vegan activations and groups in order to show the world how veganism can benefit society and why should you consider making the switch. World Vegan Day is a unique date for vegans as they have the perfect opportunity to make conferences, educate people around the world, and also, show the world that they don’t want to harm anyone just do their best to save the life of millions of animals who are tortured every day and bred for fun more than for necessity.

The History of World Vegan Day:

The first day in which an event related to the World Vegan Day took place was back in 1994, and it was Louise Wallis, the Chair of The Vegan Society in the United Kingdom, and that event was created in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the society and also to show the world the meaning of the word Vegan and Veganism and how it could drastically change millions of lives and save animals around the world. Years later, this celebration still goes strong than ever as it manages to move a massive amount of people around the world.

When is World Vegan Day?

World Vegan Day is celebrated every 1st of November and the reason why this day was chosen is because the Chair of The Vegan Society in an interview in 2011 said that the day in which the society was created couldn’t be found, but they know that it was in November, and they choose their first day due to the symbolism that is shared with other popular parties and holidays in the same day.

How is World Vegan Day celebrated?

The way in which you can celebrate World Vegan Day is by assisting to one of the multiple conferences and events that take place under the guidance of many vegan groups, activists, and societies that are interesting in giving free education to people around the world on what it means to be a vegan and how it can benefit the world in the long run. Also, you will get to understand how vegan diets work and why you shouldn’t be so stressed about making the switch, and let’s not forget that you will actually be able to enjoy some vegan food to see it with your own eyes.

Why we love World Vegan Day:

The reason why this day is so loved around the world is because you actually get to understand more things about veganism and how vegan diet and systems work to make sure that your body doesn’t lose the important nutrients and calories that can be found in meat, also, you will be able to understand how to have a more healthy organism and eating habits, and let’s not forget that you will probably meet tons of interesting people who just want to educate and share their knowledge with you.


World Vegan Day is just one of those days that you shouldn’t ever forget as it counts with an insane educational background to the point that you will hate yourself if you happen to forget about the existence of this special day, also, you will be able to discover vegan recipes, techniques, tips and get more valuable details about the mission of veganism and why you can be proud of being a vegan.


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