February Holidays, Observances and Events

February is the second month of the calendar year. It has the shortest period compared to the other months. It only has 28 days listed usually. But every four years, there is an additional day, making the total count 29 days. This occurrence is called a leap year. It makes this month more special and unique.

February Holidays and Observances

There are a lot of holidays in February, starting with the most famous one Valentine’s Day! This event is celebrated every 14th of the month. It is a time to express your love for family, friends, and romantic partners. You can expect tons of flowers, chocolates, and heart-inspired items all around.

Speaking of love, every February 27th two well-loved things are also being commemorated. First is International Polar Bear Day, which pays tribute to the endangered species. Next is Pokemon Day, as this day marks the original release date of Pokemon red and green in Japan. February is a month loaded with lots of fun.

Another event to mark on the calendar is The International Day of Women and Girls in Science. The United Nations was designated February 11th a day to encourage females everywhere to participate in activities relating to Science. It is a time for women to find and receive equal opportunities in this field of study.

Earlier we talked about Pokemon, and it has an interactive game called Pokemon Go. Enjoy the game with family friends during the 27th and catch all the Pokemons you can find.

February is also still considered a cold month. That is why winter sports like skiing, sledding, and snowboarding can still be enjoyed. Gather everyone up and get ready to hit the slopes for some fun in the snow.

Chocolates are popular gifts during Valentine’s Day. Why not try something different for this year? Instead of buying it, why not make it instead? And if you are not confident enough of making pure chocolate, you can other variants that have it as an ingredient. Go on and bake cookies, cakes, muffins, and many other delicious pastries.

February: Fun Facts and Folklore

The name February is derived from the Roman calendar month Februarius. This name is from a festival being celebrated in ancient times called Februalia. The concept of the holiday is for purification and atonement. This term is inspired by the Latin word Februa which means to cleanse.

In Europe during the Medieval Ages February has some strange names. In the Old English language, February is called Solmonath. The meaning of this term is “mud month.” The Anglo-Saxons also addressed this month as sprout-kale. It is to refers to the start of cabbages’ growth when planted.

During February, a lovely flower called the Snow Drop is in bloom. According to folklore, after being banished from the Garden of Eden. Eve and Adam were dealing with winter. When Eve lost hope, an angel appeared. Some of the snow turned into Snow Drop flowers. It is a symbol of hope, that after every cold winter, spring will follow. Then life will be restored once again.


There are so many things to look out for in February. There are events for romance, science, fun, and sports. There is something for everyone to enjoy. It may be a short month but it is action-packed and never boring.

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