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Fortnite Blockbuster Challenges reward guide

Where to find your bonus Blockbuster Challenge rewards after completing all of the weekly challenges

If you’ve been working your way through the Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges, you may have noticed some extra items are now on your list. In addition to the regular weekly challenges, Fortnite Season 4 now includes Blockbuster Challenges, which are unlocked by completing all of the challenges from a given week. There are seven Fortnite Blockbuster Challenges available in total for – you guessed it – completing all challenges in seven different weeks, and although the ultimate reward for finishing them all hasn’t been revealed yet, it appears that an epic skin will unlock for those who persevere.

But what about the individual rewards for completing Blockbuster Challenges? Well, each challenge you complete unlocks a new loading screen, which doesn’t feel like great compensation for your effort. However, if you look a little closer, each loading screen contains a hidden clue that, when followed, will reveal a bonus 10 Battle Stars for you to collect and jump up to the next Battle Pass tier. Bear in mind that these extra Battle Stars can only be found once you’ve completed the relevant Blockbuster Challenge, so don’t go looking for them beforehand or you’ll be left disappointed.

Complete all challenges from any week

Quiet on the Set!

If you look closely at the background of this movie scene, you should just about be able to see the outline of a Battle Star on top of the prison tower near the explosion. Land on top of the northeast tower of prison (or build up to it) and your reward will appear on the ledge closest to the woods.


Complete all challenges from any 2 different weeks

At Last… I Am Free

Look carefully at the prison wall in the background, and you’ll see four codes scrawled on it – A4 B4 B3 A3. Head to the area of the map where these four coordinates intersect, which is in the northwest between Haunted Hills and Snobby Shores, and you’ll find a bare patch where your reward will appear.


Complete all challenges from any 3 different weeks

A Looming Threat

If you check out the detail on the hologlobe our heroes are studying here, you can make out another Battle Star hovering over a hill by a river. This translates to the hill west of Fatal Fields, and if you look between the three trees there your reward will appear.

Image courtesy of Agonyy95 on Reddit.


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