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Fortnite comet destroys Dusty Depot—Risky Reels and Hop Rocks new for Season 4

Tilted Towers still stands.

Fortnite’s long-teased comet has landed—destroying Dusty Depot, not Tilted Towers, in the process. In its place remains a crater, filled with glowing Hop Rocks—consumables which let players “lift off with low gravity.” Away from the crash site stands Risky Reels, a new location situated on the map’s eastern corner, north of Wailing Woods. It’s all go in Fortnite Season 4.

As detailed by Epic in update v4.0’s extensive patch notes, Season 4’s Battle Pass boasts 100 tiers of new rewards—including new cosmetic items, emotes and sprays. Of the latter, Epic says players are no longer limited to six slots on their emote wheel, and that a new ‘Locker Emote Slot’ button triggers any emote and/or spray presets.

Elsewhere, the patch notes explain headshots in Battle Royale are now prioritised, which means players can no longer block headshots with idle body parts. Crossbows have been vaulted too, and hit markers are now displayed when looking through a scope.

Save the World’s ‘Part 1: Origin Story’ Blockbuster Event kicks off with reports of “a strange new husk lurking about harassing survivors”. The questline gives players five quests and one Landmark Mission wherein Ray has disappeared. Bring her home with the help of Spitfire and Lok, and “recruit a team of superheroes” along the way.

More information on all of that and more can be found in this direction. Now that the map’s changed, how might your own favourite Fortnite landing spots be impacted?

Fortnite Intel also reports the following objectives comprise Season 4’s Week 1 Challenges:

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