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Fortnite guided missiles temporarily removed after players report permanent invisibility glitch

A bug with Shadow Stones was letting players fire weapons incognito.

Fortnite’s guided missiles have proved somewhat problematic since they were added back in March. Initially, they were too powerful, and Epic Games removed them for a full three months before reinstating them—only for players to discover that a missile’s turning speed was linked directly to the game’s framerate. Yesterday, Epic again had to remove them for repairs, seemingly because players found a bug that let you turn permanently invisible if you combined guided missiles with Shadow Stones.

As mentioned on Twitter and on this Reddit thread, players were able to turn permanently invisible if they spammed shoot with a guided missile while consuming a Shadow Stone. They could run around, pick up weapons, heal and shoot enemies while in this state.

Epic didn’t mention the bug when it disabled the weapon—the game’s Twitter account simply said guided missiles had been “temporarily disabled while we investigate an issue”—but it came just a few hours after players started talking about the problem. It also didn’t give a time frame for how long a fix would take.

In other missile-based news, an Epic employee confirmed on Reddit that player complaints about the missiles always heading directly north as soon as they’re fired would be addressed in an upcoming patch.


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