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Fortnite lovingly trolls comet theorists with a new Tilted Towers scene

Fortnite’s new patch snuck in teases for the comet, aliens, and overeager theorists

The comet in Fortnite‘s sky keeps getting closer, and now Epic has snuck a new teaser into a very familiar part of the map (but maybe not the kind of tease you’d expect). It’s a strangely familiar rooftop scene that can be found in the central-western part of Tilted Towers. A treasure chest has a chance of spawning there so it’s quickly becoming a popular drop location – you’ll need to be quick and/or deadly if you want some time alone to appreciate the various little touches. Here’s a picture of the overall scene (with the floor in the corner already broken down by somebody who beat me to the drop).

It seems to be the site of a gathering, hastily abandoned much like everything else in Fortnite Battle Royale’s map. The seats are all pointed toward a staticy television set, but the immediate focal point is all the picket signs that were left behind. One pair of signs shows a city skyline and a flying-saucer-like object both surrounded by hearts, implying the get-together was a welcoming party for extraterrestrial visitors (probably a reference to the rooftop scene in Independence Day).

Another sign just shows a rudimentary drawing of the comet, so I guess whoever made that one was generally excited for astronomical events. My favorite of the bunch, though, is the one that simply says “TODAY”… scratched out and replaced with a hastily written “TOMORROW.” You could take that as evidence for something big happening in Fortnite tomorrow (Wednesday, April 25). But I think it’s more likely that Epic’s just poking a little bit of fun at all the theorists who keep saying they’ve figured out when the comet will finally arrive, only for the date to come and go without event.

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