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Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass: see the new skins, emotes, map changes, and challenges

Battle Royale Season 4 is here, bringing a ton of new cosmetics and map changes in tow.

Fortnite Season 4 is here, making a messy entrance on the back of a giant meteor. It wiped out most of Dusty Depot, with a few fragments littering the eastern half of the map. From those craters, as depicted in the Season 4 cinematic trailer, some vaguely heroic characters have emerged. They’ll be skins of course, but the challenges you’ll need to complete to get them are half the fun. There’s a lot to get through, so here’s our complete overview of everything Season 4 has on tap so far.

How much does the Battle Pass cost?

With each season comes a new Battle Pass, a paid-for package that gives players access to weekly challenges and dozens of cosmetic rewards for completing them. The Season 4 Battle Pass costs the same as Season 3’s, available for 950 V-Bucks. That translates to around $10. For everything you can earn, it’s not a bad deal at all.

What is Fortnite Season 4’s theme?

After Season 3’s space theme gave us one astronaut skin after another, including the fish-headed Leviathan skin, Season 4 is coming back to earth with what appear to be superheroes and villains.

What new emotes can we earn?

See the video above for a peek at all the new dances and emotes included in the Season 4 Battle Pass.

What new skins can we earn?

It’s worth noting the Carbide and Omega skins can be upgraded by completing certain challenges. We’ll get to those soon.


Season 4’s glider crop won’t really stand on its own, but as part of each of their respective sets they’ll look fantastic. I was hoping for some more left-field ideas, but I suppose we’ll see those in the item store.

Pick axes?

It’s slim pickings for pick axes this season, though there are a few more to earn through new challenge sets that we’ll get to in a minute.

Skydiving trails?

Finally, we can become the very meteors we feared for so long. Our dream to fall from the sky and destroy Tilted Towers carries on in spirit.

There are spraypaint cosmetics now, too.

In addition to the smaller emoticon pictures, sprays are now available in Fortnite. They work as they do in most other games. Approach a flat surface and you can tag it. They’re a bit limited and boring at the moment, but hey, I’m all for more ways to express yourself. 

To see the rest of the cosmetics, you can watch the video below, which runs through the complete list of rewards for Fortnite Season 4’s Battle Pass rewards. 

Have weekly challenges changed?

Not too much. The free challenges and weekly Battle Pass challenges feature the same mix of basic goals like winning with more outlandish one-off tricks, like Week 1’s letter search challenge.

The most notable changes to challenges are that the rewards aren’t just XP anymore. Some reward cosmetic items, and the addition of some new challenge tiers grant better rewards for completing all the challenges in a week, along with increasing your season level.

The new Blockbuster Challenges grant a mystery reward for completely finishing every week’s new tasks.

And the Carbide Challenges reward you with upgrades to the Carbide skin, culminating with a Carbide pick axe. The same goes fro the Omega skin, but you won’t unlock those challenges until you hit Battle Pass Tier 100.

You can check out the Starter Challenges and Week 1 Challenges below.

How has the map been updated?

Season 3 saw the western half of the map heavily revamped, so if Season 4 has opened up with a few changes to the center and eastern half. Most apparent is Dusty Depot’s obliteration via space rock. You can see about one-and-a-half of the original warehouses hanging off the edge of the crater below. At it’s center is a small research base with a few item and chest spawns. It wouldn’t be the most exciting revamp if not for the addition of Hop Rocks.

Hop Rocks are consumables only found at crater sites that give the player a temporary buff to movement speed and jump height. With enough people chomping on rocks in the same landing area, the early game can play out more like a low-grav arena shooter than the Fortnite we’ve come to know.

Risky Reels is another new area, located in the northeast. A drive-in theater, it too has been decimated by a meteor, albeit on a much smaller scale. Chests are everywhere here, but so are Hop Rocks and plenty of cars for cover. The prison east of Moisty Mire and an area near Fatal Fields have been hit by meteors too, which makes their flat playspaces a bit more fun to navigate with Hop Rocks around.

Players are still discovering smaller changes to the map, and we expect more from Epic as the season continues, so we’ll be sure to update as they surface.

What kind of weapon updates will we see?

Hard to say. Season 4 didn’t open with any new weapons, just some bug fixes. As the major focus in Season 3, my opinion is that we’ll see a focus on map updates this go around. More weapons isn’t what Fortnite needs right now. Even so, expect to see a couple more over the course of Season 4, maybe tied to the theme, but don’t expect the same cadence we saw in Season 3.

How long will Fortnite Season 4 last?

Just like Season 3, Season 4 is scheduled to run for 10 weeks.

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