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Fortnite Snowfall Challenges – all the hidden Battle Star and Banner locations from the loading screens

Where to find your bonus Snowfall Challenge Battle Stars and Banners, and how to get the Snowfall skin

It’s a new dawn in Fortnite Season 7, which means the launch of a new set of Fortnite Snowfall Challenges to run alongside the Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges we’re all familiar with by now. If you haven’t taken on this type of challenge in previous seasons, this is how it works – every time you beat all seven of the Battle Pass Challenges for the same week, you’ll unlock a loading screen that features a hidden clue. If you solve where the clue is pointing and go to that location, you’ll receive a Tier’s worth of bonus Battle Stars or a new Banner to customise your flag.

Remember – you most complete the Snowfall Challenge for the relevant number of weeks and unlock the loading screen before the hidden reward will appear for you, so don’t just dash to the locations detailed here before you’ve put in the work or you won’t find anything of note there.

Fortnite Snowfall Challenges rewards

Fortnite Snowfall Challenges

There’s been a big change this season to how the Snowfall Challenges rewards unlock, which should make it easier for players to get the exclusive skin. This time around, you need to complete a total of 60 Weekly Challenges in order to unlock the legendary outfit, rather than having to complete all of the challenges for a certain number of weeks. We don’t know what the outfit will be yet, but you can be sure that it will have a frosty theme to it. Complete all of the challenges from all ten weeks and you’ll receive the reward item, which is a season 7 snowflake banner.

Fortnite Snowfall Challenges hidden stars location – 1 Week

Fortnite Snowfall Week 1 Screen with hidden Battle Star

Beat the Snowfall Challenge for one week to receive this loading screen, showing new character Zenith riding a zipline. Look in the background and you’ll spot a hidden Battle Star hovering over a submarine (!) perched on a mountain. If you completed the Week 1 challenges you’ll have danced on top of it already, so head to the area southeast of Frosty Flights.

As you glide in over the frozen area, you’ll spot the out of place submarine toward the airfield.

The hidden Battle Stars will appear when you land on top of the sub, so grab them and get out of there fast – between other players and planes flying around, this is a real danger zone!

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