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Fortnite Week 7 Challenges: Gnome Location Guide

Where to find every single Fortnite Battle Royale gnome for the week 7 challenges.

We’re now into Fortnite week 7 of season 3 and one challenge is to find gnomes in Named Locations. That’s right, 19 knee high gnomes are hidden throughout the map – making a laughing noise to help you locate them – and it’s your goal to find 7 of them to receive a nice sum of 5 battle points. We’ve picked out the gnomes from the Fornite week 7 challenges for some special attention.

That’s because they can be well hidden and there’s an extra layer of dificulty – a found gnome is gone for good in any given match. They’ll reset each time you start a new game, but only the first person to find it can claim it. Then, once you’ve found any 7, they’re gone for good because that’s the challenge. You don’t need them anymore.

So, without further ado, here are all the Gnome Locations in Fortnite Battle Royale.

  • Tomato Town – This gnome is located in the main building with the giant Tomato on top, its hard to miss! Head around the back and into the office, you’ll find the gnome in a corner next to the desk.
  • Dusty Depot – He’s located in the most southern building at dusty depot behind a wooden box under a storage unit.
  • Lucky Landing – You’ll find this one in the most North Eastern Buildings on the first floor. Head into the bathroom and you’ll find a gnome hiding behind it.
  • Fatal Fields – This gnome can be found towards the southern point of fatal fields under a haystack near the tiny lake.
  • Wailing Woods – This gnome is camping out in a tent just east of the maze.
  • Moisty Mire – This little fella can be found down the side of the largest building, you might need to smash some roots to get to him though.
  • Salty Springs – Head to Salty Springs and land directly on the middle southern building, head towards the stairs and take a peak underneath, here you’ll find your gnome!
  • Anarchy Acres – To find your gnome here, head for the house and you’ll see him tucked away behind the TV on the left as you enter the building
  • Flush Factory –  This guy needs a touch up so you’ll find him in the small central room with a toilet in and paint splattered on the wall. Just smash your way in and pick him up.
  • Greasy Grove – This one is particularly difficult as he’s hiding in a toilet – he probably ate one of the burgers. You’ll find the little guy on the ground floor in the left hand toilet stall, smash it down to find his little face staring back at you.
  • Haunted Hills – To find this Gnome head for the large church, then smash the middle section of the stairs that lead up to the main door. Drop down into the gap and collect the garden ornament.
  • Junk Junction – Head for the building to the east where you’ll sometimes find a vending machine, and go inside the half open garage door. Take a left to find a makeshift bedroom and the gnome behind the bedside table.
  • Lonely lodge – Once you land here head east, away form the main building and enter lodge ‘number 2’. Inside you’ll find the little guy behind a stack of shelves.
  • Loot Lake –  Go underneath the house and you’ll see that someone has trapped themselves behind the wooden supports of the house. Silly little guy. Smash the supports and set him free.
  • Pleasant Park – Land in the north west corner and make your way to the garage of the red bricked house. Inside you’ll see someone hiding behind a crate.
  • Retail Row – Make your way to the east side and the building with the Joel’s sign on it. Next to this is a small hut head inside and you’ll find the gnome behind some machinery.
  • Shifty Shafts – To find this Gnome head deep into the underground shafts at the far east side. You’ll hear one of our little friends calling to you from behind the wooden supports. Smash them down and release him.
  • Tilted Towers – Ignore all the gunfire around you and land towards the south. You’re heading for the lower road section with the two trucks on it. Underneath the flat bed is your gnome.
  • Snobby Shores – This one one is hidden in the western building within the secret bunker, smash the wardrobe and head on down then go in the room on your left. Smash the bath and meet your new friend.

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