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I like this game’s storyline. Of course it could be better like everyone else told here but I really like it. I am playing this game about 5 years and I never got bore. I believe storyline has an important impact for longevity of my playing to this game. The only con of the storyline is you will need to play over and over the same scenario if you would like to reincarnate on the game. If you don’t you will have other goals on the game and you will focus on PtP (Player to Player), events, adventures, levelling your sworn swords, etc. The game still will be fun.

I agree that the game could have a better gameplay. Especially when I think about Game of Thrones, Westeros and other factors on book series, I have many good game ideas. The current gameplay of GoTA should be improved. I agree to Enzo that the game could be better if it was a real-time strategy game on Westeros Map. (or without real time) At the least you won’t face with pay 2 win problem on GoTA. Of course you can get stronger with paying. However the team work is very important and if you care for your account for a few months, you can be a dangerous house of GoTa.

I don’t care what other people tells about the support of Disruptor Beam. They have the best customer support I have seen in the whole MMO World. I get answers of my questions in a day and they are always kind. I have seen many rude customer care of MMO games. Disruptor Beam should keep the good work for customer care.

I couldn’t understand what you mean by item variety on gameranks but I expect it is the whole item range on the game. There are various items on GoTA and I believe they should even decrease it. Heh! I have created 2 dragons in 5 years and creating dragons with a free play is really pain. I have spent my days to understand dragon creation since there are many different items to create it.

Game of Thrones Ascent is really cool game but graphics need to be improved. They should make some improvement about the graphic issue I believe. At the least at the end of adventures or missions or PtP, they can put a war simulation. That could be awesome to watch.

GoTA Community is certainly very good and I am pleased to play this game. I have also improved my English knowledge with this game and made friends from whole around the world. There are really many online gamers on GoTA and it will give you advantage to make some allies on the game and friends on real life.

Story: 10/10

Gameplay: 7.1/10

Support: 9.6/10

Item Variety: 9/10

Graphics: 6.4/10

Community: 9.5/10

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