9Dragons Awaken

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9Dragons (aka Nine Dragons Awaken) is a good MMORPG martial arts game that you can play on Windows. You can download the game from Redfox Games official website and also from the popular gaming website Steam. The game is free to play.

9Dragons Awaken Gameplay

You need to create an account on Redfox Games to start to the game or you need to have an account on Steam, if you would like to play the game on Steam. According to user reports on Steam the game has some problems with the Steam version though. Still you can give a try since it is free… There is a good storyline of the game and there are also praises of game players about that in different review websites. However there is not a good beginner tutorial.

Gameplay Video

You can check game play video of Nine Dragons Awaken below… These are beginner guides which will help you to learn more about the game. If you want to watch videos from expert players, you can find videos on YouTube. These videos has been recorded by Dead Reaper channel on YouTube. You can get more information about the gameplaying of 9Dragons on this channel.

9Dragons Awaken Screenshots:


Nine Dragons Awaken official trailer:

Score: 67

Story: 88

Gameplay: 68

Support: 64

Item Variety: 61

Graphics: 59

Community: 66


  • Nine Dragons Awaken is free to play. You can get the game from website of Red Fox Games or Steam.
  • There is a nice story line of the game.


  • The game community is not very good at the moment.
  • Players are leaving the game and there are not many online players.
  • Graphics are not very good.

Minimum Requirements:
Browser: N/A
Android: N/A
iPad and iPhone: N/A
Windows OS: Intel Windows 7 OS, Intel Pentium III 1 GHz, 2 GB RAM, GeForce 2MX Graphic Card, 5 GB Storage
macOS: N/A
Windows Mobile : N/A
Debian : N/A
Linux : N/A