ARK: Survival Evolved

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ARK: Survival Evolved is an awesome Adventure FPS game that you can play on Linux, macOS and Windows OS. The game is downloadable on Steam and the minimum price of the game is $29.99 on steam. This price can be change in the future.

ARK: Survival Evolved Gameplay

The game is available on Linux, macOS and Windows OS. You can easily download the setup file from steam and begin to play the game. You will be in age of dinosaurs on the game and you will need to survive. There are many players like you in the wilderness and they are trying to survive as same as you.  You can be careful while you are exploring around since there will be dinosaurs around you. You don’t want to die in a T-Rex attack. The game has first person shooter screen and you will able to feel adventure well on ARK: Survival Evolved.

Gameplay Video

You can watch the beginner guide on the video below. You can also find more detailed videos about ARK: Survival Evolved on Youtube.

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You can watch ARK: Survival Evolved below.

Score: 89

Story: 100

Gameplay: 91

Support: 93

Item Variety: 82

Graphics: 93

Community: 72


  • The game is a paid service but it worth to purchase.
  • It has very nice concept and unique graphics.
  • You will have survival adventure on this game.
  • Game graphics are very cool. You will feel like you are living in age of Dinosaurs with this game.

Minimum Requirements:
Browser N/A
Android: N/A
iPad and iPhone: N/A
Windows OS: Windows 7 64 Bit Service Pack 1, Dual Core 64 bit 2 GHz CPU, 40 GB Storage
macOS: OSX 10.9, 4 GB RAM, 20 GB Storage
Windows Mobile : N/A
Debian : N/A
Linux : Ubuntu Equivalent Distro, 2 GHz 64-bit Processor, 4 GB RAM, 40 GB Storage