Bit Heroes

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Bit Heroes is a MMORPG browser game where you can play on Kongregate. As you have understood from the name of the game, you are playing this game in bits. It makes the game a little BIT nostalgic. The game has been published at September 29th 2016 on Kongregate.

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Bit Heroes Gameplay

You will need to get an account from Kongregate for playing Bit Heroes. After you register to the game, you will need to select your looking in the game and also you will need to pick a gender. After you complete to registration at all, there will be a small quest tutorial for you in the game. Just follow instructions for learning how to play the game. You will also need to complete some quests to unlock some important features of the game. To complete quests, you will need to click on “Quest” icon on game screen and then click on flags in the map. You can catch some familiars while you are hunting in dungeons of Bit Heroes. If you manage to capture these creatures, they will join your team and they will fight against other creatures with you side by side. Don’t forget to select them before you enter dungeons. These creatures already have their own skills. Weapons are very important for you on Bit Heroes. Each weapons give different skills for you. So better if you watch your inventory after completing quests in dungeons of the game. Each dungeon will get harder after you complete quests. When you get closer to creatures in dungeons, they will sense you and the battle will start automatically. We recommend you to create a good battle strategy with your current skills and your entourages skills.

You will able to receive rewards from the games with watching videos. You can also get these video watch offers from the chests in dungeons. We recommend you to watch these videos if you have time since as we have tested it, we have seen that there are very good rewards on these chests.

Your heroes movement will be limited with the energy in the game. If you have some kongregate credits, you can purchase these items from the shop which is located inside of the game.

Gameplay Video


Score: 69

Story: 60

Gameplay: 87

Support: 76

Item Variety: 81

Graphics: 30

Community: 72


  • A nice MMORPG with a unique concept. You will enjoy to play it.
  • There are always many online players on the game.
  • It is very easy to register to the game via Kongregate.
  • You can play with a free account without paying.
  • There are always chance to get unique items in the game.
  • Rewards after video watch offers are really good. Worth it!


  • The game is only available for browser.

Minimum Requirements for Browser: Intel Pentium 3 600Mh, VGA 3D Acceleration Graphic Card, 512 MB RAM