Bubbles and Hungry Dragon

Bubbles and Hungry Dragon

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Bubbles & Hungry Dragon is a game with a very simple premise, you control the dragon and your focus is to try and pop all the bubbles in front of him. Since it’s a multiplayer based game, you really need to test your skills and push them to the next level in a very creative and exciting manner. It’s always a good idea to try out new things, and with Bubbles & Hungry Dragon you really get to experience that.
This is a game that’s very engaging and fun, and it totally brings in front an exceptional idea with a lot of creative elements. At the same time, you have the unique opportunity to see how many bubbles can you match in order to get the highest score.

Bubbles and Hungry Dragon screenshot


If you ever played any marble popping game, then Bubbles & Hungry Dragon is pretty much right up your alley. Your dragon is able to shoot flames of a certain color, and you have to match them with the ones already on display. If you match 3 or more bubbles of the same color, you will be able to win. The game is extremely exciting and fun to play through, not to mention a whole lot of fun.
At the same time, you will notice that every level is different, so you will end up testing yourself in a variety of different ways. That’s what makes Bubbles & Hungry Dragon so iconic, because you get to choose how to play and what approach you can do. It really helps define the experience and make it more rewarding, while pushing everything to the next level.

How To Play

The way you play Bubbles & Hungry Dragon is simple, you just have to aim the dragon towards bubbles that have a similar color and then you will score. Remember that you are playing against other dragons at the same time, so your results will matter quite a lot and they will define how you play and how you are perceived by other dragons.

Help, Tips and Tricks

  • Aim towards bubbles that have the same color
  • Try to defeat enemies that are playing at the same time as you
  • Always try to see where there are the most bubbles of the same color so you can get the best possible score.


  • A very simple and easy to play marble popper
  • Beautiful visuals and engaging gameplay
  • Randomized levels


  • Not enough variety
  • It can take a bit to start at times