Card Monsters

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Card Monsters is a nice card game which you can play on iOS and Android mobile devices. You can also play it on official website of the game (browser), Kongregate and Armor Games.

Card Monsters Gameplay

You will start to game with selecting a card. All cards will be melee speciality and different elemental powers. Then tutorial will start in the game. We recommend you to follow the tutorial quests. It will help you to understand about cards and the gameplay. Every cards have different health points and damages. There are also cards who will help you to heal your ally cards and there are also cards which can attack from the range. You can put your cards in a same slot, you can select right or left slot for range attacks. The most important thing at the beginning of the game is collecting cards as much as you can. This will help you to pass quest easily and you will able to strengthen your hand. However you should make a good strategy while you are placing your cards to the deck. Otherwise you can lose games easily. There is a auto-play option on the game. However you still need to pick your cards to use that option. If there is not any card on your deck, your enemy will able to attack cards in your hand and remove them instantly from the game.

You will already learn how to place your cards into the deck with help of tutorial. However you can still build some unique tactics in the game. After you have passed 4-5 tutorial battles, you will able to get into the normal menu of the game.

You can duel with people who are playing this game. That won’t be a real time duel but you will able to play against other players. You can also join an alliance on the game and join communities.

You can watch the gameplay video for getting more information about the game.

Gameplay Video


Score: 66

Story: 42

Gameplay: 75

Support: 75

Item Variety: 65

Graphics: 65

Community: 72


  • A card game with different concept.
  • Card Monsters is free to play on Browser, Android and iOS.
  • You can play the game at multiple platforms with your PC.
  • Newbie tutorial is excellent for new comers.


  • Graphics could be better.

Minimum Requirements (Windows): Windows 7 OS, Intel Pentium 4 processor