Castle Clash: The New Adventure

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Castle Clash: The New Adventure is a browser strategy-defense game which you can play different platforms. This version is the browser version of the game which is not same with mobile (Android and iOS) versions. The game has been released by IGG at 22th October 2013. It has a good MMO defense-strategy concept.

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Castle Clash: The New Adventure Gameplay

Castle Clash: The New Adventure can be played with Facebook, Windows OS, Kongregate and Armor Games. You can select one of these platforms for play the game. However select one of them wisely since you won’t able to transfer your game data or use your same game data in different platforms. (Example: If you are playing the game on Armor Games, you won’t able to continue to play it on Facebook. You will need to make a fresh start with your Facebook account). There are mobile versions of the game for iOS and Android. We are going to mention about these games at another page since their version is different. You can play Castle Clash: The New Adventure in Kongrate, Armore Games and Facebook on your browser. You can also download this game for Windows on Windows Store. It is free to download.

When you begin to play Castle Clash: The New Adventure, you will see a newbie guide in the game screen. we recommend you to not to skip it and follow tutorials if you are new in the game. This tutorial will help you to how to play the game and how to make strategies in the battlefield. You can do your regular quests with completing missions in dungeons. You can also attack other players to gather resources but we recommend you to not to do it in the first days of the game since you will have a protective shield and you will lost it.

Training your soldiers is your main thing to do in the game since you will able to create stronger units. When you train your Guardians to Level 2, you will able to obtain Hunter. When you train your Hunter to level 2, you will able to create Pyromancers. You can build and upgrade 2 buildings at the same time in the game. You can click on buildings to get more information on what they are for. Keep upgrading your gold mine will increase your gold income and upgrading mana mill will help you to get more mana per hour. Mana and Gold are the main two resources of the game. So it’s recommended to upgrade their building.

The main currency of the game is Diamonds and you can get them with Achievements and completing some quests. You can also obtain them store of the website. That will cost you a real money though. You can watch achievements and quests to get diamonds free. After you constructed Hero Altar building in the game, you will start to earn free diamonds too.

You  can obtain heroes from Heroes Altar building which will be very important for you at raids and quests. These heroes has different stats and skills. You can use them at the battlefield.

Gameplay Video


Score: 64

Story: 39

Gameplay: 71

Support: 82

Item Variety: 63

Graphics: 67

Community: 72


  • It is a good defense-strategy game.
  • Graphics are good but we believe that it could be better.
  • You can play Castle Clash: The New Adventure in multiple platforms such as Facebook, Armor Games, Kongregate and also Windows OS.
  • Player communities are very good in the game.


  • There is no mobile version of this game. However there is in different version.
  • You can’t go on your current game in another platform.

Minimum Requirements: Windows 7 OS, Intel Pentium 4 processor