Chrono Wars

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Chrono Wars is a MMO Role-Play game that you will enjoy to play on your PC or browser. The game doesn’t work in every browsers. You will able to play it on Maxthon or Firefox browsers. You can also download the client of the game to your PC. Unfortunately it’s not available for macOS and other operating systems.

Chrono Wars Gameplay

You will begin to game with a server selection. It is recommended to join the server which Chrono Wars recommend for you. Then you will select one of classes. There are three main classes at Chrono Wars. These are Mage, Warrior and Berserker. You will have a better and faster game experience with that. Actually the game is very easy the play. You need to level up until you get “Auto-fight” in the skill and click on quests which will appear in the right side of game screen. Your character will do the rest. Your character even start to do quests without your management. You will need to care for your inventory, skills, pet skills and other stuffs in the game.


There are three classes in the game and each classes have 6 skills. One of these skills is the basic skill. Other ones are effective skills. You will able to upgrade these skills on the game. You can upgrade skills with Chrono Energy. You can obtain these energy from quests you complete, “Gather Energy” skill and sometimes game is giving Energy with promotions or rewards. Chrono Energy is one of the most important resources for you in the game. While you are upgrading your skills, you will also need coin but it won’t be problem for you. You will gather many of them while you are playing the game.


Zodiac is another important passive buff for your stats in the game. You can get zodiac passive skills with Chrono Energy. However there will be a fail chance for every zodiac skill you get and fail chance will be increased at higher levels. It is recommended to obtain Zodiac specs for your hero. This will help you good while questing and PVP in the game.


Realm is another kind of buff for your hero and it will increase your stats passively. You need Realm Books to upgrade these speciality. You can obtain these items from monsters. You can upgrade it slowly in the game.

There are many active and passive skills on the game and many kind of buffs that you can use. We are going to mention more about them in the future.

There are multiple events that you can join in the game and you can obtain paid items of the game freely with completing tasks in these events. The game is very generous about that.

Gameplay Video


Score: 63

Story: 65

Gameplay: 70

Support: 80

Item Variety: 91

Graphics: 92

Community: 72


  • There are many unique items, armors and quests on Chrono Wars.
  • You will enjoy while you are playing the game.
  • Graphics are excellent.
  • PvP is fun. But it could be better if we could manage heroes and battle against players in real-time in arena.
  • You will get many good rewards while you are playing to game.
  • There are many events you can join.


  • We are against auto-playing and you can auto-play on Chrono Wars for a while.
  • More skills could make the game more tactical.
  • Had lagging and disconnecting issues several times.
  • Levelling is very easy on the game.

Minimum Requirements (Windows): Windows 7 OS, Intel Pentium 4 processor