Critter Forge

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Critter Forge Gameplay

The newbie tutorial will start with your join to the game and your first task will be naming your new creature on Critter Forge. The game is looking like a Pokemon game, however there are not mush strategy on this game. You will need to train your monsters and you need to go to safaris on the game to make your monster stronger. There are also many alternatives of this game such as Mystic Guardians and Monster Battles: TCG. After you start to game, there will be a few tutorial fights for you and you will learn many other things about the game with that. We recommend you to follow it since it is very short and informative. After you are done with tutorial, the best option will be go to Safari on the game. Try level up there and collect some items which you will need during your adventure. you won’t able to use any items during monster battles. So it is better if you care for your monsters before entering the battlefield. You won’t able to control your monster during the battle, it will be an auto-play.

You can buy stuffs from market for feeding and providing stamina to your monsters before you go to Safari. That will be the best way for keeping your monster alive while you are in safari, otherwise you will need to turn back to home soon.

Gameplay Video


Score: 56

Story: 55

Gameplay: 60

Support: 72

Item Variety: 55

Graphics: 53

Community: 72


  • Newbie tutorial of the game is working good and it is very useful, informative for new players.
  • The game is providing a game like Pokemon with a different concept. If you like Pokemon like games, you can give a try this.
  • Help button of the game will guide you about anything about gameplay.


  • Graphics can be better.
  • You can play this game only on Browser. There is not a mobile version of the game for iOS and Android.

Minimum Requirements (Windows): Windows 7 OS, Intel Pentium 4 processor