Crystal Saga Online

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Crystal Saga Online is a MMORPG game that you can play on Windows OS with R2Games Client. You can download the client from the official website of R2Games. The game is free to play and you can also get the client free. There is also II version of the game. You can play it alternatively. We have introduced some R2Games on GameRanks before. You can also check publisher’s works on GameRanks. CopiaDawnBreaker Online, God Wars, Tales of Solaris are some of their games.

Crystal Saga Online Gameplay

There are 5 classes that you can select on Crystal Saga Online. These classes are Knight, Rogue, Priest, Ranger and Mage. Knight is a melee class of Crystal Saga and they are tanky class of the game. They have a strong armour to tank their opponent’s damage. Rogues are assassin-like class and they are melee fighters. Their stealth ability allow them to sneak in their opponent and inflict him or her a critical damager. Priests are support and healing class. They can heal their party members and they can also resurrect dead players of the realm. Rangers are bowmen and they use their bow to eliminate their targets. They have also high magic resistance on the game. Mages are using the power of the ice and fire. They can damage the area and also single target from range. You can pick one of these five classes at the character creation section and begin to your adventure on Crystal Saga.

Gameplay Video

Crystal Saga gameplay video:

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Crystal Saga Online official trailer:

Score: 71

Story: 70

Gameplay: 80

Support: 72

Item Variety: 62

Graphics: 68

Community: 70


  • Crystal Saga is a free to play MMORPG anime game. If you like cartoon-like anime graphics, you can give a try this game.

Minimum Requirements:
Browser: N/A
Android: N/A
iPad and iPhone: N/A
Windows OS: Celeron (R) 2.13 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, 400 MB Hard Drive Storage
macOS: N/A
Windows Mobile : N/A
Debian : N/A
Linux : N/A