Dead Route

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Dead Route is an action zombie game that you can play on Facebook Gameroom (Windows OS), iOS and Android. It is not available for other devices and operating systems. The game is free to play.

Dead Route Gameplay

The game will start with tutorial and you will almost learn all about the game with these tutorial. The game is also easily can be played on mobile devices. Controls of the game is very basic. You can use your mouse with PC and keyboard while you are using grenades and moving on streets. Controls for mobile is different. You can complete tasks on the maps and gain more levels. You will able to unlock features of the game with levelling up. You will need to complete missions on the map for unlocking new places too. The locations which marked with a skull shows that you have completed the quest there. If you are seeing green icon with a running man, you have still things to do in that location.

You can upgrade your weapon with the coins you gain from the game. There are four kind of upgrades on the game. Damage, headshot, range and clip. We recommend you to start with range. 2 updates to range will make things easier for you. However if you are carrying old mag, you will able to upgrade its range only once. You can upgrade your weapon from the shop.

You will find weapons that you can purchase, defensive and offensive equipment, grenades and fun stuff at shop.

Dead Route Gameplay


Score: 73

Story: 72

Gameplay: 82

Support: 73

Item Variety: 63

Graphics: 74

Community: 72


  • Dead Route is 100% free to play
  • It is a good action game that you can play on Windows OS via Facebook Gameroom, Android devices, iPhone and iPad devices.
  • There are good player tournaments on Dead Route that you can earn multiple items freely.


  • Graphics could be better.

Minimum Requirements:
Android: Version 4.0.3 and up
iPad and iPhone: Version iOS 7.0 and up
Windows OS: (Facebook Gameroom) Windows 7, 4 GB RAM, NVIDIA GTX 970 Graphic Card
macOS: N/A