Dragon Pals

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Dragon Pals is a nice R2Games MMORPG that you can play on official website of R2Games, Kongregate, Armor Games, Facebook, Google Chrome. Unfortunately there is not any mobile version of the game. You can also play the game on Windows OS with downloading client of R2Games.

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Dragon Pals Gameplay

We have tested and we have seen that you can play this game at the official website of R2Games. The game has a similar concept with games like League of Angels II, Chrono Wars and Tales of Solaris. If you have played these games, you don’t need to know much about the gameplay of Dragon Plays. However if it is first time, you can read our small instruction below and there will be a long gameplay video for you below.

The game is easy to play. There is a quest tracker on the game and there is also auto-moving. When you click on the related quest at the right game screen of the game, your character will start to move automatically and he/she will do the quest for you. You will be responsible with dragon updates, skill updates, inventory and equipment on the game, that’s all. It is hard to tell that the game includes tactical stuffs. Only a few things but that won’t effect your battles much. You just need to work hard for getting unique items, completing dragon eggs and gathering gold. Quest tracking and auto-moving will do the rest for you. Battle rating is very important rating for you and it gives you idea about your overall strength in battles.

You can level up fast on the game with following quests with quest trackers. When you reach level 55/60, you will able to enter almost every features on the game.

You will receive many paid items freely on the game with achievements. You can also get rewards from events, tournaments, promotions and being online on the game. Don’t forget to get your daily online and log in rewards.

Gameplay Video


Score: 64

Story: 46

Gameplay: 72

Support: 78

Item Variety: 61

Graphics: 55

Community: 72


  • Dragon Pals 100% free to play.
  • The game has nice concept and it can be alternative of many popular games on internet world.
  • The game has good amount of online players. You can create communities in game and make new friendships.
  • Dragon Pals providing many paid items freely to their users with some promotions, events, daily logins, etc. Don’t forget to get your rewards.


  • It is not strict about Role-Play.
  • Graphics are not very promising for the future.

Minimum Requirements:
Browser & Google Chrome Extension: Windows 7 OS, Intel Pentium 4 processor
Windows OS: Windows XP, 512MB RAM, 1GHz CPU